Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Event: ArTHURSDAY Launch Party 2013 at KL Live

Ladies and Gents, it is time once more to pay tribute to Arthur Guinness, the man who went where no man has gone before and came back better and bolder! This year, the global celebration returns to Malaysian shores with 3 bold international acts who are set to rock the main stage on 27th September 2013. Who that might be,  you ask? read on to find out!

This Arthur’s Day™ is the 5th annual global celebration ‘To Arthur’ which will be held at the Sepang International Circuit, Welcome Centre. The celebrations in Malaysia kicked off with an exclusive launch party held in KL Live whereby GUINNESS® fans and members of the media across the room were roaring when GUINNESS® announced the exciting line-up of artists this year.

Taking the celebrations up a notch, some of the hottest international music stars, Five for Fighting, All American Rejects and The Wanted (fangirl screams!!!!!) will be taking the Arthur’s Day™ stage to celebrate the remarkable legacy of this extraordinary man.

Bruce Dallas, GAB's Marketing Director

In the wise words of Bruce Dallas, GAB's Marketing Director, “Arthur’s Day™ celebrates the founder of GUINNESS®, Arthur Guinness, and his remarkable legacy of goodness through music. This year, we pay homage to his bold character and people like him, those who are ‘more’ than just ordinary; much like the Artists that will be rocking the Arthur’s Day™ stage, our Arthur Guinness Fund recipients and our GUINNESS® drinkers, who choose a GUINNESS® every time.”

Since its inception in 2009, Arthur’s Day not only celebrates a legendary brew and its maker, but his legacy of goodness through the Arthur Guinness Fund. Since then, the brand has committed more than €7 Million in support of social entrepreneurs around the world.

In Malaysia, about RM240, 000 worth of funding were given out to 6 Malaysian social enterprises from the 2012 Arthur Guinness Fund (AGF) in partnership with the British Council Malaysia. This year, GUINNESS® plans to continue its support and champion Malaysian social innovators of our generation with the launch of AGF Entrepreneurs for Good, Year 2 program.

At the launch itself, we were entertained by the local band, Morning Glory :) There's a reason why they were called MG, but I'll leave it to your imagination :p

So are you excited about the arTHURSDAY line ups?!?! there are many ways you can drink a pint to Arthur and score yourselves some awesome pawsome tickets to the party this 27th September as well as some exclusive GUINNESS merchandise!

The Arthur’s Day™ celebrations will see the return of the GUINNESS® arTHURSDAY Parties, starting from 29 August 2013 at selected outlets nationwide in the lead up to the main Arthur’s Day concert scheduled to take place in September. The parties will feature special activities and promotions on your favourite black brew along with exclusive limited edition Arthur’s Day merchandise up for grabs.

Check out our happy faces toasting a pint to GUINNESS!

For all GUINNESS® collectors out there, buy 1 bucket of GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout or 4 full pints or 6 half pints of GUINNESS® Draught and get your hands on the exclusive GUINNESS® Arthur’s Day Earphones. Promotions begin on 1st September 2013 and you can get it at your favorite neighborhood bar!

Anna drank too much GUINNESS she thought she was a cat :p

Also, throughout the month long celebrations, other promotions at your local coffee shops and restaurants include the Limited Edition GUINNESS® Power Bank, when you collect all 12 liners bottle caps of the GUINNESS® Quart Bottles. Not forgetting the GUINNESS® Arthur’s Day Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener, when you purchase a 6-can pack of Guinness Stout at participating supermarket and hypermarkets.

le bloggers having the time of their lives that night

So, be sure to drop by your favorite hangout spot and raise a pint with your mates ‘To Arthur’ for a truly remarkable GUINNESS® experience this September. Stay logged on to to find out more on an arTHURSDAY party happening near you or visit to get your hands on Arthur’s Day tickets!

Happy arTHURSDAY from le bb and I!

Caleb, Me, and Ivan

During the party, I saw a familiar face in Morning Glory, and yes, my suspicions were confirmed! After 5 years of not seeing each other, I met my junior from St. Joe, Caleb :) Ivan on the other hand, I didn't see for about 10 years? Didn't recognise him at first, but after he introduced himself, everything came flooding back! He used to be called Ivan Gecko :p Can't seem to remember why though :p Ah the good old memories from Kuching :)

Myself, Ivan, Anna, Ben

Towards the end of the party, it was winding down, but we still got our groove on and continued consuming some GUINNESS while chatting over the old times and what we have done since then :) Those were really some good times :) And what better way to share those than with a GUINNESS?

Before I end my post, let me just leave you with the personal messages from each international act coming our way on 27th September :) I have also embedded a video each of one of my favourite songs from each act. Enjoy! :)

Five for Fighting

“I am very excited to be a part of the Arthur's Day celebrations in Malaysia! Join me and millions around the world as we toast to one of the boldest man in history, Arthur Guinness and to those like him, the Arthur Guinness fund awardees, my comrades that will be rocking the Arthur’s Day stage this year and all of you fans out there! To Arthur!“

All American Rejects

“Arthur’s Day is going to be one hell of ride and we have an exciting gig prepared especially for you, our Malaysian fans. We really appreciate the Arthur’s Day message on social entrepreneurship and how the Arthur Guinness fund has made an impact on thousands of people around the world. We are glad to be part of the celebrations this year in tribute to his unbelievable legacy.”

The Wanted

“We’re excited to be part of the Malaysian celebrations happening at Sepang International Circuit on the 27th of September 2013! We’re ready along with our comrades Five for Fighting and All American Rejects to rock the Arthur’s day stage this year as we pay tribute to Arthur Guinness and his legacy of goodness. To Arthur!“

With a bold line-up of international acts, the remarkable arTHURSDAY parties and promotions happening nationwide, watch out for a truly remarkable GUINNESS® Music experience again this year. To find out more, stay logged on to to be the first to know about the exciting activities coming up this Arthur’s Day™ and visit to find out on how you can get your hands on some exclusive Arthurs Day 2013 tickets!

I will be there partying the house down on 27th September, will I be seeing you there?!?

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


The Arthur’s Day 2013 concert is organized in partnership with Six Fingers Events Management, while E! News Asia and AMP Networks join as official TV and Radio partners.


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wow! wat a great event! and damn! the wanted is my all time favorite boy band ever!

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