Saturday, August 31, 2013

Event: WEVents 3rd Anniversary, Superwoman

Candysauce and applecakes! What comes into your minds when you hear these two words? eek too feminine! too sweet! JUST LIKE THE WOMEN WE LOVE :p hahahaha I'm pretty sure you guys reading this are wondering where I'm going with this yes?

Well, as a tribute to all the women out there, to promote women empowerment, WEVents is founded to provide a platform for women, by women :) WEVents are WomenOnlyMENnotinvited social events organized by working women volunteers . The events are held in a casual environment (with no formal agenda) with the idea of bringing together working professional women for a fun evening.

In WEVents, women can VENT their opinions and thoughts freely, build connections and make new friends. Basically it is an event for women to let their hair down after a hard day’s work and just be themselves! Each event will have its own theme and feature inspiring special guests and speakers, great door gifts and delicious food.

That night, WEVents celebrated their third anniversary at Armada Hotel with the theme Superwoman :D All ladies attending were asked to dress up in their favourite superwoman costumes, and you can see just how awesome all the ladies attending looked :D

Posh! Nail Spa was one of the sponsors, and they even opened up a manicure booth that night for all the ladies who wanted a manicure done, FOC!

Oh but before that, let me just mention to you the awesome sponsors we had that night:

1. Door Gift Sponsors : Posh! Nail Spa, TT Mask, Le Ann Maxima, Only Beauty, Her World magazine, Worthy Book, and Fujitsu.

2. Awards and Contest Prizes Sponsors : The Body Shop, Worthy Book, Clarins, Le Ann Maxima, Fujitsu, TT Mask, Only Beauty, Posh! Nail Spa, Bag of Love, and A Cut Above Group of Salons .

3. Lucky Draw Prizes Sponsors : Clarins, TT Mask, Le Ann Maxima, Bag of Love, LipIce, Posh! Nail Spa, and Only Beauty.

4. Backdrop : Fujitsu

To start off the night, we were entertained by our very own homegrown superwoman,Winnie Loo, from A Cut Above :) She gave us tips on how to be a superwoman in your own right, and how with perseverance and attitude, you will get there one day.

To continue on, Ms. Nikki Loo performed a belly dance, tribal style. Most of you must be wondering why belly dance? Isn't that for ladies with more voluptuous body shapes? Well, as Ms. Nikki explained, the tribal style dance is not only catered for women with certain body shapes, it is a dance that encapsulates a woman's power, thus ANY WOMAN can dance :)

Next up, le beautiful Audrey Hepburn, who is none other than Mimi Teh, the founder of one of the hottest beauty boxes (bags, more like it) in town, Bag of Love! I know Mimi personally, and I have to say, she is definitely one of the more down to earth people I know even though she is such a successful lady. She will not hesitate to make time for you and to listen to what you have to say. It's no wonder she is such a superwoman!

Prizes prizes prizes!!!

A big round of applause for the participants of the ‘SUPERWOMAN’ contest. The 10 contestants have paid a lot of effort for their performance in the contest.

We were serenaded by Ayna, who played Katniss Everdeen...

...and we were entertained by Nikki, who played the super minion....

....we were lectured by Mother Teresa herself (played by Susee Rajaram).....

...and last but not least, the icing that takes the cake, we were wowed by (dominatrix) catwoman, by non other than Edazz Lucinda :)

Congratulations to Edazz Lucinda, The Top Winner of the SUPERWOMAN contest for her fantastic portrayal of Cat Woman, who walked away with the Grand Prize sponsored by Fujitsu, OnlyBeauty, Posh! Nail Spa, A Cut Above Group of Salons, TT Mask and Bag of Love worth a total of RM3,287. Also, congratulations to the Runners-up, Susee Rajaram as Mother Theresa and Yong Choy Peng as Super Girl.

Who's Yoda?!?!?!

Congratulations to Cheng Wei Fong for winning the Most Participative Volunteer prize, Tammy Lim for the Most Supportive Blogger and Agnes Tong Hsiao Ming, as the most Regular attendee . Also congrats to Jasmine Tan, who has won the award of Best Dressed for the Occasion.

Moving on, some pictures!!!

I know I'm supposed to dress up as a superwoman, but I didn't have anything handy, so I came dressed as a super undercover spy instead (excuses) :p Here I am with Mimi, the timeless Audrey Hepburn :)

If you follow my instagram, you would recognise this picture (even liked it, maybe?) This is a picture I quite like, cos I'm showing off my awesome and cool earring that I got from Bangkok last July. I've always wanted something like this, so when I saw it I immediately bought it, knowing I have to own it and it would look cool. Goes to show Bangkok has a lot of neat stuff :)

Now....what would I do if only I had super powers and what power would that be?

I like to think that I'm the strongest, but maybe I'm just kidding myself :p here I am with my ex-colleague, Silviana :D

With the awesome Butterfly SWAT Team :) Illy, Ayna, Laura, and myself :p

So...who's Yoda?!?! Can you guess? If you guessed Mamasan Tammy Lim, you're totally right! I think she's the only one with enough guts to pull this off :p This is one of my favourite photos of the night, two epic women posing together :)

.....aaaaaaaand I leave you with a pic of me showing off my 'superhuman strength' :p ahahaha I know I look silly, but where's the fun if you always have to be demure and ladylike? We want to show off our wild side once in a while :p

Thanks to WEVents for extending the invite to us butterfly bloggers, and I really had a great time that night! I have sinced become a WEVents member and I look forward to many more events with you guys in the future!

If you're interested to be part of this community for WOMEN only, please head over to their site to find out more! *click here*

Til the next time, stay beautiful!