Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mary Quant, the Freedom to be Yourself

Hey dearies how have you guys been doing?

Last weekend was a horrifying one for half the Klang Valley residents as there was a Diesel spill on Friday, causing a massive water blackout for most areas of the Klang Valley. My sister's place had no water for four days, but I was lucky enough to have my water supply restored after only a day.

That Saturday, before I went off to buy my HORDES of mineral water from Jusco, I headed over to Muse by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid to attend a beauty workshop by Mary Quant thanks to Manoah :)

For those that didn't know (me included), Mary Quant was a fashion creator famous for creating the miniskirt. She was a fashion guru amongst her peers, and decided to go into cosmetics because she recognises cosmetics as fashion as well. She started her clothing career in 1955, and proceeded to launch Mary Quant cosmetics in 1966.

Her brand signature is the Black Daisy, born of Mary's scribbles in her childhood. Whenever she did rough sketches, if she drew a daisy, curiously enough, she was able to come up with lots of ideas. Just a simple daisy flower was better than any other motif. It is a one-of-a-kind black flower that no scientific power can cause to bloom. It symbolizes the freedom of women brought about by Mary Quant, who continues creating new concepts of beauty by defying stereotypes

Muse by Watsons is the first store to carry the Mary Quant brand (as far as I know) and I'm glad I was one of the privileged few who were given the chance to try it out :) Their brand island looks so pretty with all the daisy inspired designs and colours.

The brand itself isn't super high-end, if any I would say it's a medium range. What I like about it is their concept for selling the products.

The colours are not available in palettes. They are available individually, so you can choose whichever four colours that you want and you can just purchase them. Check out the range of eye colours they have! Termed Eye Openers, there are 56 colours to choose from, and has a very smooth and velvety texture.

The blushes are called Blush Baby, and comes in a range of 14 colours. No. 1-6 has pinkish hues, and No. 11-14 have orangey tones. No. 8 and 9 are highlighters, and I didn't catch what No. 7 was for >.< 

What do you think these are? nail polishes?

They're lipsticks! So cool right? I love how they are so innovative in their product packaging, keeping it minimalist but also attractive at the same time :)

Remember how I said you can purchase your eye colours individually and put them together in a palette of your own choosing? One palette can host up to 12 colours, depending on the size of the product you choose. If you choose only Eye Openers, you can fit 12 different colours. If you choose to have Baby Blushes in your palette, please bear in mind that the size of a Baby Blush is twice that of the Eye Opener.

I'm just gonna show you some more different colour styles and palettes that they had at the workshop.

As you can see, some colours have metallic sheens to it while some are matte. While trying out some of the colours, the matte colours are much more pigmented than the metallic ones. But if you apply a primer, the metallic colours will stand out more.

They also have eye/ lip pencils called Out Line. Available in 19 glamourous shades, this pencil has a double function. It is specially formulated to draw soft lines around the eyes, and yets let you create firm lines around the lips. The liner is waterproof, therefore the beautiful finish will last a long time.

Obedient Finish is the Oil Free Foundation, which has SPF 20++. This product comes in 6 shades, and prevents shine and make up from coming off due to sebum. It has a fine texture that maintains even skin for long hours by covering up pores on top of moisturising your skin.

Their mascara range, called Action Lashings, which is a lengthening mascara has two different sides, which is the coil and chip. The coil side is as pictured above, and the chip side is a sorta fuzzy looking type of tip (which my camera cant capture cos it's too noob). It has an oil Gel formula that gives the mascara its elasticity and lengthen the lashes.

Our MUA for the day was Ms. Nobuko Takaki, flown in all the way from Japan by the wonderful Mandom people :)

And here is our bare faced model of the day, the same lady that became our model for the K-Palette workshop :) She is already so pretty even before make up, what more to say once she has done up her face? :)

We were shown many tips that day during the make up workshop, to create 3D effects for the eyes as well as which area we should highlight for our face to bring out the different contours. 

After the workshop, here's how the end product looks like!

Eyes: M07 (eye base), FP07 (for the inner corners of the eye to the middle), FP04 (outer corner of the eyes for the 3D effect)
Cheek: mix of No. 4 and 11
Lashes: 01, Ebony Black
Eyeliner: 03, Cocoa Brown (as she already has brown eyeshadow)
Lip Liner: No. 20
Lipstick: P06, Pink Moon
Lipgloss: No. 07, Nougat Shine

We were also given the chance to try out the products for ourselves, and some of us got the chance to consult Ms. Takaki on how to create the 3D effect and experiment with different eye colours!

This was the end result of my make up after my consultation, Ms. Takaki gave me light purple (P-06, Lavender Grey) on the inner corners of my eyes, and dark blue (B-06 Dark Blue) on my outer corners for the 3D effect. My lashes were coated with Bohemian Purple (no. 6), and my lips were given the fresh dewy look with Lip Gloss Moisture Stick No. 6! Lol after typing all this out, I realisedthat all my products have the number 6 in them >.< But number 7 is my lucky number! lol

With my eyes wide open, this is how my make up looks like. I love how they look so natural on my face, without being too bold. This makes it super easy for everyday wear without looking too over the top!

If you purchase Mary Quant's products from Muse, they will put it in a Mary Quant Black Daisy bag, together with the Mary Quant embossed sticker! Love how they pay such attention to detail :)

Thanks to the beautiful folks at Mandom, I got to bring back some goodies, two eyeshadow colours, one blush, one lipstick, and a colour palette. We were also given a daisy as well befitting the Mary Quant theme, and it was a really nice touch :)

I will definitely review these products soon, and if you're anywhere in Sunway Pyramid shopping or just walking around, please drop my Muse at Watsons to try out Mary Quant's products! I assure you, you will not regret it! :)

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



bendan said...

That blue eye contacts really suits you babe!!! soooo pretty!! Btw, love Mary Quant products, got lotsa shades, now don't know how to choose adi. =X

Choulyin said...

thanks dear!!! hehehe..i love their colours too! I think they're awesome!