Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Movie Review: About Time (2013)

In a time where dramas are pushed to the backseat and thrilling fast paced movies take centrestage, About Time is a good movie that came out at the right time :)

Synopsis: At the age of 21, Tim discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by getting a girlfriend turns out not to be as easy as you might think
Still not convinced? watch the trailer below :)

Verdict: 7/10. For a romantic comedy drama, I thought it was pretty well done. It started off pretty slow and became almost a little draggy in some parts, but maybe it was because I kept on waiting for the main actor to meet the main actress all over again for the second time. There was not much of climax to the movie, it was more of a life story kinda movie. 

Bill Nighy was awesome as the dad, and you could see that there was chemistry between the cast. The premise of the story was unique enough, and it wasn't overplayed to the point that it became annoying. Instead, it turned more amusing instead, seeing how Tim manages to screw things up the first time, and then going all the way back again to make it right the second time. A lot of people would think that this is a love story centering on Mary and Tim, but it's actually not. While it makes their life the mainstay of the story, it actually evolves and brings out the different characters and stories of the other cast members' lives. I love how towards the end of the movie the directors managed to bring out the very human emotion of wanting to live life the second time around, when you have your dearest family closest to you. For me, it evoked a very real emotion, that I would love to have the ability to travel back in time, if only to see my loved ones again.

In a way, I would say that this movie surprised me, cos I was expecting it to be a sappy mind numbing, non thought provoking movie, but it proved me wrong, so I was really very pleasantly surprised about that. I would say that this movie would be more suited for those who love stories with a deeper meaning. I wouldn't recommend it for those who like the typical thriller mystery fast paced movies,  but if you're the kind that loves a heartwarming movie, then this would be the movie for you :) But word of caution, the very end of the movie a bit potong stim hor :p

About Time opens in Malaysian cinemas in a few days, so do catch this if you're someone like me :D

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Kelvin Tan said...

Well, actually it's not a romance movie although in the trailer it gives out that impression. The romance part is just the beginning of the movie. From then on, it's more on life.

Choulyin said...

yea, at first I thought it's a romance movie judging from the trailer, but actually it's not. It's more a life story kinda movie :)

Caroline May Ling said...

Whee! gonna watch it soon! :D

Sarah ( said...

it surprise me with all the out of the blue humor they have in the movie !! hahaha quite funny i wud say...