Friday, September 27, 2013

Press Conference: arTHURSDAY Heats up the Stage with Three International Acts

arTHURSDAY is back and it's tonight!

This year, we celebrate the 5th annual Arthur’s Day celebration where they introduce 3 of the hottest international music icons. They are; Five for Fighting, All American Rejects and The Wanted and they will be rocking the centre stage at Sepang International Circuit!

Guinness is proud to bring to you three world-class international acts who will take centre stage in the 5th instalment of the annual global Arthur’s Day celebration! Come and experience this truly remarkable night and raise a toast “To Arthur!”, the man who brought us the legendary black brew, GUINNESS®. 

Our lovely MC, Ms. Serena C

Then it's time to move on to our acts!

The awesome John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting)

All American Rejects!!!!!!

The Wanted, which had all the fangirls at that PC swooning and giving high pitched giggles and yelps

The PC in full swing

More pictures of your favourite international acts below :)

Looking right at my camera, at that opportune moment :)

Bored with the PC already, I imagine :/

Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of GAB, who is part of what made all this possible

So after the PC, we were given the opportunity to meet and greet that artists, and it's all thanks to JP!!! :D Pics taken from le bb's site, cos I didn't have time to edit them :p

 My favourite band out of the three, All American Rejects :D

Five For Fighting :) Too bad he didn't look at the camera :(

The Wanted with myself and le bb :)

I am so ready for arTHURSDAY! are you?

Visit for more info.

See you there!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



schaze zainn said...

All American Rejects!! My fav too :D

BW here :)


Choulyin said...

hey Schaze!!! did you go to arTHURSDAY then? :D