Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Come and Get Your Freak on with Allianz this Halloween!

Hey guys, as we all know, the month of October is the month for Oktoberfest, but it is ALSO the month of Halloween, otherwise known as All Hallows Eve in the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry :D

Thanks to Allianz Malaysia,  this 31st October would be one unforgettable one as we all celebrate it together! As this is a bloggers event, any and all bloggers out there in KL at that time is cordially invited to come and celebrate All Hallows Eve with Allianz Malaysia! With this, Allianz Malaysia would like to get to know us better, and in return, we can get to know more about Allianz Malaysia and all their awesome core products, being Home Shield, ATM Shield, Road Warrior, and Travel Care.


As the holiday season approaches, Allianz Malaysia would like to spread the word on the importance of ensuring that your home is secured before you travel either by flight or on the road. Carrying cash during the holiday season can also be dangerous. Therefore, Allianz ATM Shield protects its policy holder if their cash is robbed outside an ATM machine.

Interested in coming? Here are the details below:

Date: 31/10/13
Time: 6pm onwards
Venue: Renoma Café Gallery, Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, KL

I'm definitely gonna be attending this party, as a little birdie told me that there will be lots of awesome prizes (WIN ALL THE GADGETS!!!) to be won, and the chance to meet even more awesome people!

I gave it a little bit of thought, and I was thinking, perhaps I could go as Esmeralda :) Don't know who? The famous Gypsy in Hunchback of Notre Dame :)

Yup, the beautiful Esmeralda :D I've looked around on Google, and I found two possible types of costumes that I could kinda use for this. Either I go classic, with this:

Or I go smoking hot and sexy with this:

Lol hold your horses! steady steady, I haven't really made up my mind yet, so I'm still thinking what other choices I have :p But this one is definitely one that I would consider :)


Oh and if you didn't know already, I can bring another three extra friends with me to the party!!! So, just tell me in the comments section below why you want to join me at the party, and tell me what you will be going as, and leave your email address as well! Easy peasy, simple as that :)

I will pick the three best answers, and I will let you know once I have made my selection! This contest will run for one week until 23 October (Wednesday), and I will email you by 24th October to inform you if you have won! So get cracking girls, and let me know why you want to join me at the Allianz Malaysia Halloween Party, and who you will be going as!

To find out more, you can visit the following:
Allianz's Official Website:
Allianz's Facebook Page:

Interested Bloggers who want to attend this event can contact Vivien by emailing her at [email protected] :)

So are you daring enough to come to this year's Halloween event with Allianz???


Til the next time, stay beautiful!



J_Fish said...

I want to join you at the party because you're fun to hang with, per se. *licks shoes* I'm thinking of going as a positive pregnancy test. Pretty sure that's scary to a lot of people. Muahahahaha.

p.s. Go as sexy Esmeralda please. :3

Choulyin said...

hahaha I dun have the 'package' :p hehehehe hard to find costume leh