Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review: Phantasee Be Lustrous Green Contact Lenses

 Hey guys :) if you read my previous contact lens review, I mentioned at the end that I wanted to review green coloured contacts. So when GlassesOnline contacted me and asked me to review a pair of their contact lenses, I decided to go for it, and selected a green pair!

The lens I got this time around is from the Phantasee range, called Be Lustrous. I took the Green variant, and as you can see from the site, it looks very vivid. Which was why when I decided to go with it, I was a little apprehensive whether or not it was the right choice. I didn't want to look like an alien walking around :p

This is how vivid the green colour looked on the website

This lens is 15mm, and will make the ring around your eyes larger, so that's a plus point for me. Another reason why I decided to get this was also because it's a lens for quarterly wear, so I get to wear them for three months instead of one! They are made of Hydrogel Terpolimer, and has a water content of 45%.

These lenses cost RM39 per box, each box comes with a pair of the same degree.

When I first put on these lenses, it was a little uncomfortable at first. I felt like it wasn't a part of me, and they were pretty dry. I was tempted to take it out, but I thought to leave it on a little longer, and see if they got more comfortable after a while. True enough, my eyes did feel more comfortable after that, and I consequently wore it for the whole day

A look at the packaging :) The packaging is a little hard to open, so much so that you have to use force, but be careful when you do, lest you accidentally get saline solution all over your dresser like what happened to me.

So here's a look at me sporting these lenses, under artificial lighting (my room light of course). It's a little hard to see here cos of the light shining directly down above me, but if you look closely, you can see the little green ring around my irises.

Some more selca, just because I felt a little vain that day and decided to take more shots of myself :p I think you can see my green eyes a little clearer in this pic :)

Last selca before I went out for the day :) Trying to act cute >.< So did I succeed?

 Now, I realise that only two or three pics of me wearing contacts are not enough. I need to give you different perspectives on how the lenses will look under different conditions. This here is taken with flash. I was waiting for something in the car and decided to show you how the lens will look like with flash. The green is much more obvious here, and I love the effect!

Taken under natural lighting, about 6:30 pm, when the sun is not so strong. The colour of the lens is not super vivid, yet not super bright as well, so it doesn't make my eyes look like they're from out of this world. Even when I was wearing these lenses, quite a number of people have come up to me and commented on how pretty I looked with this colour. Yes, it has definitely boosted up my confidence :)

Rating: 8/10

Repurchase: Yes

Additional Comments: I would definitely get these again cos I feel they are quite value for money. The colour is not too over the top, while the lenses are very comfortable to wear once you get used to them. They don't dry out my eyes, and they don't cause any irritation or discomfort. Definitely something I would recommend for my readers :)


You can get a pair for yourself too with a RM20 discount! With any order above RM100, just key in the code GOBLOG20 when you check out, and get RM20 off your contact lens purchase!

So what colour lens should I try out next? Tell me in the comments section below!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!

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