Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rocking it out at H-Artistry 2013 at MIECC

Hey lovelies :)

How has your weekend been so far? Been to any happening parties? Well I did, and it was none other than the awesome Hennessy Artistry (the Global Art of Mixing) Finale last week at MIECC. It was so awesome that I could still feel it's effects until now! It's been a long time that I have not been to a party as happening as this, and it was all thanks to Manoah :)

 Same as last year, the Epic party of the year was held at MIECC, and as usual there was no parking provided (which I feel was a little silly as there was no way the mall itself could accommodate only so many cars T.T). We were quite lucky that there was a shopper who left and we could slip in when we entered parking.

Met Isaac, Hui Min and Ben when we were registering :)

With parking out of the way, we then proceeded to head over to MIECC to register ourselves for the Epic party. There were already so many people there when we went at about 8:30pm, but most of our friends have not arrived yet. So we took the opportunity to take pics and mingle :)

The beauty bloggers who I usually meet at events, Frankie, Angeline, and Charmaine :)   After we registered, we were told that the Free Flow of drinks would end at 11pm and we were given 5 coupons each to redeem drinks after 11. The night would end at 1am, so it's gonna be 4 great hours of party!

Hennessy parties are always themed the Global Art of Mixing, mostly because they feature Hennessy mixed with four different mixers, which are Soda, Berry, Apple, and Ginger. My favourite was the Hennessy Berry where Hennessy is mixed with  Cranberry Juice.

Here are our two beautiful hosts for the night, Ms. Julie Woon and Zher Peen. They had great camaraderie with each other, and each of them introduced the many acts of the night. There are five acts in total, and all are equally good!

This here is NS Yoon-G, the famous Korean artist who has worked with Jay Park on her hit single, "If you love me". She performed before at H-Artistry Hong Kong, and she ccame here oncce again to give us the time of our life during the H-Artistry party! Loved her voice and her energetic performance :D

 Neon Hitch was next and she also brought the house down with her songs and energetic dancing! Hailing from Britain, the explosive singer has also performed and collaborated with A-list artists like Gym Class Heroes, Bruno Mars, and Ke$ha :)

The night started to pick up when Dmitry KO took the stage and blew the house down with his awesome spinning of famous tracks and collaborations. 

Our last performer for the night was Jochen Miller, Holland's newest DJ that specialises in trance music. You have most probably heard of him before, as he has collaborated with Armin, and was even featured in Armin's "State of Trance" album. It was an awesome close to an already great party, and we could not stop dancing and shaking our heads to the beat!

It was a great night for me as I spent it with all my awesome friends. Being bloggers, we all had fun dancing to the beat and taking pictures!

With my normal party kakis, all super awesome babes whom I have known two years and counting :)

Taken late into the night where everyone was already pretty high on alcohol and music. Check out all the fun we're having! There were a slew of other crazy pics we took that night as well, but this is the most decent of the lot that I could find :p

oooh and I also met my super duper cool colleague, HH :p hahaha it's not enough that we have so much fun at work, we had to have fun off work too! :p

Last but not least, It was another event well spent with le bb, who has been with me for two strong years :)

Will I be seeing you at the Epic party once more next year?

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Til the next time, stay beautiful!



Maple Shuh HOng said...

wow! u look so pretty that night! I went to H party before, but only now I know the Henessy berry is mix with craberry juice. Like ur post anyway!

Choulyin said...

thanks babe! Should go for next year's one as well! we can party together! hehehe

Isaac Tan said...

Drink up!