Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review: Bloop Nail Strips

Hey guys, Christmas is now over!!! How did you guys celebrate? :) I for one, had a blast with my family, and le bb gave me a gift that I will always remember and cherish :) Want to know what that is? stalk my instagram and find out for yourself! :D hehehe

But apart from celebrating with loved ones, I celebrated in style as well, with my bloop nail strips, which I will be reviewing in this post, thanks to HiShop and bloop!

The Nail Strip I got was the striped version. It comes with a strip of 12 stickers, with the extra two being the larger sized one so that you could cut it down to size in case anything else goes wrong.

Bloop is an Australian based brand, and their value proposition is that the nail strips are super thin (so much so that air can penetrate through to the nails), fast and easy to use, eco-friendly, lasts a very long time (up to a week!), and the best part (for me at least) was that there is no drying time. I am a very impatient person, and I love keeping my hands (or fingers) busy. So whenever I apply on nail polish, it's a bit hard for me to stay still waiting for them to dry >.<

It even comes with a nail file! What is it used for, you may ask? well you will know soon enough :)

My nail strip is striped with lots of warm colours, being red, orange, yellow, interspersed with glitter and black :) Kinda reminds me of a very colourful tiger :p

So what you do is you cut out the nail strip, and shape it to your nails. As these come in a standard size, there will definitely be a size for everyone, considering that it's big enough to fit all types of nail sizes. In the beginning it is a little hard to fit to your nail, especially with a hard backing on where the sticker is stuck, but after a while you get used to it, so it's ok :)

So when you are done with your sizing, peel off the top clear layer, and remove the sticker from the backing. Then, carefully stick the nail strip down onto your nails, being very careful to align them exactly the way you have cut them. The sticker is REALLY THIN so you have to be careful when handling them. Once you have aligned them carefully, press down in the middle and slowly press it in place from inside to outside, so that you don't get any air bubbles.

Once you are done, take the nail file, and place it vertical to your nails. Slide them down in one fluid motion, in order to file off the nail strips. Be firm when you file your nails down, but don't use too much force, else you will also file off your nails at the same time, and leave jagged sides.

As you can see in the picture, the nail strips are thin, and can be filed off easily :)

So once you have filed the excess sticker off, this is how it looks like :) It's up to you if you want to put a layer of top coat to protect the sticker, but personally for me I didn't. I wanted to check how long the strip will stay on my nails without any top coat.

Don't you just love the design? Some of the strips have concentrated layers of glittered stripes, so what I did was I cut the part that had less glitter to ensure that when I put them on, I can see the glitter on my nails :) I was a little iffy at the design at first, but it has started to grow on me, and I love it right now :)

Verdict: 8/10. The nail strips are quite thin, and you can barely feel that they are there. While it's a little hard to put it on at first since this is my first time trying them out, I got the hang of it after a while, and I really like how easy it is to just apply. It definitely saves a lot of drying time, and I can immediately go about doing my work after I have applied them.

Repurchase: Yes

Additional Comments: To my surprise, the nail strips actually had a very long staying power. After I applied them, I went on to do my usual chores around the house, and you would think that with stickers they will come off after a few days. I have had them on for about a week now, and they are still sticking to my nail surface as strong as ever! Definitely very worth it :)

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Til the next time, stay beautiful!



Kelvin Tan said...

Too much work for such thing. Prefer to keep nails short and natural. :P

Charmaine Pua said...

Eh we got the same design!! Hi 5!! :D

Merryn Tan said...

This is so cool! I think I will go get some as it saves time on drying. good for mothers like me who is always running short on time