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Wonder Food Adventure at 1 Utama

Holla Foodholics!

I've got a special treat for you today, because I will be blogging about 1 Utama's special Wonder Food Adventure that was organised just for us at the Butterfly Project! This was a free and easy food hunt exclusively designed for 50 of us food and lifestyle bloggers to explore and savour the wide variety of chic eateries offered at 1 Utama Food Street!

Fun Fact: Did you know, that 1 Utama is the World's 4th Largest Mall?!?!

The day officially started at 11am where we registered and were all given a passport to go around to 15 exclusive eateries to sample the food and bask in the atmosphere. In our goodie bag we had a special edition christmas pillow, juice, a power bank, special coupons to enjoy ourselves at the booths, and a special RM50 shopping voucher for our ONECARD, where we can use to redeem for all sorts of privileges+, including for shopping and dining :D

In conjunction with the Wonder Food Adventure, we had an interesting array of activities to enjoy, amongst which are the Nail Art and Tattoo section, where we can go for a manicure, and also airbrush tattoo :D

When I arrived at the booth, there were quite a lot of people queuing up for the manicure, so I decided to go for the airbrush tattoo instead. There were many designs to choose from, and I there was one particular design that I loved , so I got that one immediately.

And the other girls all loved it too!!! ahaha so we had matching rose tattoos :D

So apart from all the wonderful booths to pamper ourselves, let's move on to the main highlight of the day, which was the Wonder Food Adventure!

There are altogether 15 halal and non-halal eateries that we visited, and I will list all these in the post below. First up, is Ninja Joe! This is the only non-halal fast food chain that I know of in Malaysia, and it's great that they are one of the stops in our 1 Utama Wonder Food Adventure!

As is with any fast food outlets, they offer many types of food sets and burgers, some of them featuring pork! Who wouldn't want to come for these delicious burgers, especially some of those exotically names Cheezila?

Our second outlet was BBQ Chicken, located at LG Highstreet. BBQ Chicken has many outlets across KL, and this was my first time in this outlet at 1 Utama. I loved their Chicken, and I personally felt that the food was in a class of its own. I will definitely come back again :)

Viva la Vida! But in this case, it's Vivo, which is an outlet that I'm pretty sure everyone will be familiar with as it is everywhere! We managed to try their Pizza, chicken chop, and their super famous Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream! One of the more affordable western food outlets in 1 Utama, I would say that this is a must visit place if you are craving for food like pizza and spaghetti :D

When their Chocolate Lava Cake arrived, all of us took the opportunity to pose with it :p It was so delectably good that I didn't have anything after that as I just wanted to savour it's flavourful chocolate and sweet Vanilla ice cream :)

Food Box is another non-halal outlet in 1 Utama which is famous for its steamed cakes. The shop is located at LG Highstreet, and is directly opposite Cold Storage. They serve many types of food, including the normal chinese dishes that we have in local chinese restaurants.

Next to it was a dessert and cake shop called Molten Lava, famous for their cinnamon fingers :) Apart from that, they also sett Marble cakes, mini cupcakes, and lots and lots of Macarons!!!! If you do come here, you have to try their Cinnamon fingers :) It's not actually called cinnamon fingers, but that's how they look like :p They are delicious :D

Next is the much loved Chinese favourite, Bak Kut Teh!!!! BKT is a chinese dish, cooked with herbs and pork ribs and mushrooms and tofu. Sinfully fattening and delectable, I simply couldn't resist going into this shop and ordering their string tied pork, which is one of their famous dishes. In 1 Utama, you can find the famous Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh at LG Promenade :)

For those that want something light, there's also something for you at the Food Street, and that's the Seaweed Club! Seaweed Club is a very special popiah roll encased in seaweed and other condiments. It tastes similar to popiah, but with the distinct seaweed taste, and crunchy bite of crackers. Isn't it awesome that 1 Utama has these specialty food in Food Street?

Cupcake lovers, get ready to drool as we stopped by Bisou, the cupcake house to try out their delectable cupcakes! For that day, we were treated to their cupcake of the month, which is the chocolate cupcake :) It is sinfully delicious, and tastefully rich! I used to think that Bisou was only available at KLCC, but now that it's also available in 1 Utama, I can have these delectable cupcakes whenever I go to 1 Utama!

If you're a little more traditional and prefer traditional chinese hawker fare, you can make your way to the Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo where you can have the typical Yong Tau Foo with your selection of noodles and soup.

The happy snackers can hang out at I Love Yoo, munching on Peanut cakes and sipping on porridge while watching the world pass you by. This is a simple stall serving food that you can never go wrong with, so it's a definite must stop if you're feeling a tiny rumble in your tummy but it's not quite time to have dinner or lunch yet :p

Korean food lovers can head over to the Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights, where they serve really authentic Korean fare. I had the chance to try out their Kimchi Jigae (which is my favourite Korean dish), and it tastes really good.

Did you know, that Oysters are an aphrodisiac? If you're craving for Oysters, you can just drop by Oyster King at LG Promenade to try out all their Oyster dishes! I love their Garlic Oyster dish, so please try it when you are in 1 Utama!

SS2 Goreng Pisang provides the best authentic fried foods available in Malaysia, including banana fritters, fried prawn crackers, and many many more.

Whenever I head over to Melaka, I always make a beeline for the Jonker 88 shop, to savour their super duper good Cendol. But now with Mr. Cendol in 1 Utama, I don't have to head over to Melaka just to have delicious cendol :) The best part is, they even allow you to take away in take away cups!

I first tried Lammeeya, I was blown away with their steamed pork and Asam Seafood. It was a total blessing in disguise that Lammeeya was in the Wonder Food list, so I could manage to eat to my heart's content :D

Woohoo I managed to get to all 15 eateries!!!

What I loved was that we get to sample not only the halal food, but also the non-halal food, which is what's available at 1 Utama's Food Street. There are so many varieties of food available in 1 Utama, that I promise you, you will never go hungry if you were to come and shop at 1 Utama.

The best part is, when you shop and eat at 1 Utama, you get to earn points with your ONECARD! ONECARD is 1 Utama's official privilege card where you get to earn 1 UPoint for every RM1 spent at ONECARD participating outlets (which is a lot). Once you have accumulated these points, you get to redeem them like cash to pay for instant purchases, meals, services, and entertainment!

ONECARD can also be used as a prepaid parking ticket for hassle free parking. This is also an eco-friendly initiative to reduce paper parking ticket usage. The best part? ONECARD members gain exclusive entry to members-only parking at ONECARD Preferred Parking, and also enjoy discounted parking rates!

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