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Event: Yadah New Year New You

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!! In my first post for February, I would like to bring to you an event that I have attended recently from a very famous brand, Yadah! Did you know, that Yadah actually means grateful in Hebrew? I didn't know that until Missy pointed it out to me.

Yes, there are many things that I am grateful for in life, and the new year has brought closer to home my resolutions for the year.

Thanks to TBP, I got the invitation to attend Yadah's New Year New You event last January, where we were introduced to a few of their new products that were recently launched, and we got to test them out!

The event was held at Little Wonton, a quaint little place that serves delicious charcoal noodles :) It's located in TTDI, new 99 Supermart, on the first floor. When you come up the steps, you will see the Little Wonton sign, and you will be hit with a sense of nostalgia, as they have decorated the place to the nines with 'Shanghai Noon' feel.

We were given these fliers to help us understand a little bit more about the products that we will be trying out, and we were asked to provide our feedback for the products that we have tested.

Yadah actually booked the whole  place for us butterflies, and the decoration that day was awesome! There were lanterns hung everywhere, and we later found out that it was not just for decoration. At the end of the event, we were asked to pick a lantern and write our New Year's resolution on the back of it :)

Not surprisingly, I got the pink one!!!! :D We were asked to hang on to those lanterns because at the end of the year (or the beginning of next year), we might be asked to do something with it! All so exciting, and I am anticipating what Yadah has in store for us at the end of the year :D

There were a lot of Yadah products on display that day, and we got to try their bestselling product, the Bubble Deep Cleanser (far left). It comes in a pump bottle, and when you pump it out, the product comes out in bubble form.

 Source: my Insta :) *click*

We were given two types of eyeliners to try it out. Gel type (smiley face), and liquid liner. As you can see in the insta pic above, you just need a little bit of foam. Just rub gently on the liner (as demonstrated by Amelie), and after a while of gently massaging, you will notice that the foam has turned darker, and become more grayish. Wipe (or wash) it off gently, and voila! All the eyeliner has disappeared! Yes, including the gel one :D This is a super awesome product!

I tried it out on my eyes that night, and lo and behold, it really works on my eyes :) The trick with this is that you cannot be impatient and expect it to rub off instantly. You need to gently rub it for about a minute and when you are done, just rinse and you will get a super clean face after that, without the drying effect :)

Yadah also has an anti-acne range, which is called the Anti-T range which stands for Anti-Trouble. Jennifer uses their Anti Trouble Spot Cream, and according to her, it works wonders! And after trying out their Bubble Deep Cleanser, I'm inclined to believe her :)

 The Yadah Moisturising Cactus Mist (Fruit Garden) can be used for added natural skin hydration be it outdoors or indoors. It permeates easily into the epidermis and works for 24 hours. This product contains the botanical extracts of Opuntia Ficus, betaine from sugar cane and glycerine to condition and moisturise skin especially in an air-conditioned dry environment or under the sun.

Key ingredient Opuntia Ficus is a unique cactus species organically grown and cultivated in Korea known for its strong anti-inflammatory and high potent anti-oxidant benefits that also improves the retention of moisture in the skin. According to Yadah, it can be used as a substitute for your daily skin lotion, both night and day.

Yadah's Angel BB Cream is a multi-function cream that acts as a moisturizer, sun block, anti-wrinkle, concealer, make-up primer, skin brightener & oil control cream. It is 100% hypo allergenic, and is non comedogenic. It contains botanical vitamins such as vitamin E, and blends into the skin to correct the skin tone naturally with sheer velvety smooth texture to conceal blemishes & discoloration of the face. It has a fresh & light texture, and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin to create a healthy & radiant complexion.

Before the event started, there was a lot of camwhoring around :p I'm glad to be able to continue my beauty journey with all these beautiful girls, and I look forward to continue this journey with all of you til the end!


Our dear Yadah rep, Ms. Elaine, got the event rolling, and pretty soon, we were introduced to the wonderful world of Yadah. Yadah only uses natural and organic ingredients, and is 100% free from parabens, artificial colouring, 

All the products that we were given to test out that day!!!

Left: 01 Sweet Cherry
Right: 02 Sweet Pinky

This tint gives both lips and cheeks a sweet tint that's either a little red (cherry), or pinkish (pinky). It has fruit extract as the main ingredient, containing a sweet fragrance and natural color. It is allergy-free, non-sticky, and non-greasy.

What I like about this tint is that it stays on for a very long time. I tried the Sweet Cherry on my hand for a while, but after I rubbed off the product, I could still see the tint stain on my hand. Don't believe me? Just scroll back up to my insta pic where I was demonstrating the Bubble Deep Cleanser, and you can see the stain quite clearly :)

Highlash Mascara

Other  new products in the Yadah range are the Highlash and Bloom Mascara. These products are 100% Free of Parabens, talc, artificial fragrance, and sulphate surfactants. Even though they are water-resistant, they can be easily removed with lukewarm water, which is a plus point for me because I wouldn't want to rub hard on my eyelashes and risk them falling out. I want a mascara that is easy to remove :)

The Highlash Mascara extends the lash length while providing a smudge-free definition that is water-resistant.

Bloom Mascara

The Bloom Mascara gives a more superior lash volume and length without smudging, and is water-resistant.

So how do you want to gain super long eyelashes with a high amount of volume? Use them both together!

One of their new products was the Sunscreen, and this was actually the highlight of the day. We were given three samples of sunscreen to try, labeled A, B, and C respectively.

When we tried out the sunscreen, here's what I thought:

A: pleasant smell, but a little too watery for me
B: Strong sunscreen smell (not my type), and doesn't absorb very easily
C: pleasant smell, absorbs easily

After trying on all the three products, we were asked which one we liked best. Not surprising, I loved product C the most.

So what are the brands of these products?

A: Yadah Sun Cream (SPF40/ PA++) ~ old version of Yadah's sun cream
B: Expensive Sunblock that costs RM100+ ~ sorry I forgot the name. Definitely a Korean brand though
C: Yadah Oh My Sunblock  (SPF35/ PA++) ~ Their newest and latest product

The Yadah Oh My Sunblock costs RM36 for a 50ml tube. If you noticed, the SPF formulation was dropped from 40 to 35 because it will contain a lower level of zinc, which is harmful to the skin. And we found out that having a higher SPF doesn't necessarily mean that you will get more protection from the sun. It just means you can stay out in the sun a little while longer, but just a little.

I was most impressed with the Oh My Sunblock, and was thrilled when they gave us a little travel tube to try out :)

Left to Right: 01 Cherry Red, 02 Shiny Peach, 03 Sugar Pink and 04 Bling Bling Yellow

The last product we were asked to try out was the Yadah Lip Tint Balm which is able to bring out the natural colour of your lips. It is uniquely formulated with a melting gel complex ingredient which dissolves under human body temperature to keep lips naturally soft and hydrated. Enriched with cupuacu butter, shea butter, sunflower seed oil and jojoba oil which act as natural lip conditioners in combination with tomato, gromwell and moroheiya for its natural colour pigments.

The lip tint balms are available in 4 flavours in a typical Yadah collectible pot. They are 01 Cherry Red, 02 Shiny Peach, 03 Sugar Pink and 04 Bling Bling Yellow which is colourless.

And to show how effective the lip tint was, there was a challenge where they invited two butterflies up to try it on, and then finish a bowl of noodles in under 15 seconds. The one who manages to win the challenge will get to bring back a prize! So the bell rang, and Jennifer finished everything in time! Memang superwoman lo that lady.

After all the excitement was over, they were asked to show us their lips and true enough, the lip tint colour was still there!

And after that was eating time!!!!!! There were two flavours of charcoal noodles which was Spicy Thai, and Garlic Vinegar :D No surprise which one I chose :D

To quench our thirst, we were given green tea :)

Some of the other butterflies there that day :) Loved hanging out with them. I've learnt a lot from them, and we have also shared many experiences.

I love the lighting at Little Wonton :) It's so pretty and aesthetically pleasing :)

All these products are now out in stores, and if you happen to pass by any SaSa outlet, please do not hesitate to head in there and try them out!

I would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to dear Mamasan Tammy for making all this possible for me :) Without her I would not have so many opportunities to meet so many awesome people and try out all these products.

The goodies we got from the Yadah event

Oh and you know what the best thing was? We were featured in Utusan Malaysia!

Thank you Yadah for the opportunity, and thanks TBP for making this all happen!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



anis_farhana said...

The noodles eating competition looks fun! I really love that lip tint too ^^

Kelvin Tan said...

Happy CNY and Birthday. :D

Yada in Japanese though, means I don't want or I don't like. Basically a negative response depending on the context. LOL.

Choulyin said...

lol then we're lucky it's not in Japanese >.< hhehehe thanks for the wish!

Choulyin said...

yes the lip tint really works! and you can use it for your cheeks as well :)