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Food Review: Bad Boy Cooks at Setia Walk, Puchong

Hello lovelies, here's another food post up for you to tempt your tastebuds :D

This time, we go all the way to Setia Walk in Puchong, where we zoom in on Bad Boy Cooks :)

Bad Boy Cooks is an American Style Diner that specialises in Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, and Drinks. Anything that you can find in an American diner :)

That  night, after braving the two hour jam from my office to Puchong, we were greeted with smooth milkshakes which is the staple of any good-serving diner out there. Le bb had the Vanilla Shake, and I decided to be a little more adventurous and took on the Banana Chocolate Shake :)

Vanilla Shake (RM 6)
Banana Chocolate Shake (RM7)

The shakes are smooth, and not too sweet, like how most shakes are. They're also very creamy, and rich, but not overpowering. This is definitely something I will want to order the next time I'm there.

Bad Boy Mash (RM 4)

Our first side order of the day is the Bad Boy Mash, which is mashed potato that is usually typically served with Brown sauce, but just for us, BBC had it with chili beef instead, which is minced beef cooked with chili (duh) :p it's super yummy, and I would say that this is BBC's special sauce. They have it on almost everything, and not surprisingly, it goes well with anything :)

Chili Fries (RM6)

 Next up is chili fries, which are thick cut fries topped with chili beef and chees. BEST FRIES EVER. Especially with the chili beef :D Please make sure you order this if you are ever at BBC in Setia Walk. 

Chili Nachos (RM 6)

If you still want to have your serving of chili beef and cheese with less carbs, then this is the dish for you. Made essentially of corn chips topped with chili beef and cheese, this is also a must-try dish that is a perfect appetiser while you're waiting for your main dishes.Though it's made with chili beef, it's not really spicy, just spicy enough to tickle your tastebuds :p

 Arabbiata (RM 9)

This tastes a little like aglio olio, only with a spicy kick, as it has a spicy tomato base with olives and chili. The texture is not overcooked, and the portion is quite satisfying for one person. It's not too small, neither is it too much that you feel sick after eating it. So if you're looking for something light, go for this :)

Al Funghi (RM 9) with a side of beef bacon (RM 3)

Now, this is a sinful dish. Served with creamy assorted mushrooms sauce, you can opt to have a side with it for just RM3, and beef bacon was our choice. With a creamy sauce, please be ready to pile on the calories as this is a very rich dish.

Double BB on Fire (RM 16)

One of their house specials, this has a double beef patty with double cheese, and topped with chili beef. A truly cheesy beef experience :D I love this for its chili beef, and generous serving of cheese. The beef patties are tender and easy to chew on, and the hint of spiciness is something that I always look forward to whenever I'm having a meal.

 Katsu Bowl (RM 9)

You might wonder, why does a western place like BBC offer this Katsu Bowl of rice and chicken? Well, as an american style diner that promotes family time, BBC Setia Walk knows that for some (or most) families, they will go out for family dinners with their older generation that has been raised to have rice for every meal. This is their way of promoting family time at BBC Setia Walk, where you can find something for everyone :)

Double Beef Patty with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Their beef patties are succulent and tasty, and the mushroom sauce is very well done. Topped with a side of lava egg, mashed potatoes and coleslaw, this is one dish that I will definitely order again when I visit BBC Setia Walk. They have managed to season the beef patties just right that it complements the sauce perfectly, and this is something I seldom see in such restaurants :)

 Bad Boy Madness (RM 19)

 This is hands down the most sinful dessert I have ever had in my entire existence here on Earth. It has vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, double chocolate fudge, fresh cream, cookies, banana, sprinkles, and everything nice! It's maddening! That's why it's called Bad Boy Madness. This is one big dessert, and can be easily shared among 5 people. Yes, it's that big. If you love desserts, please do not forget to order this whenever you come to BBC Setia Walk.

The decor of the place is actually quite clean cut, like any typical (or not so typical) American diner that you've ever seen. Their tiles are chequered black and white, and chairs are the usual red lazy type of chairs that is so common in restaurants.

This is something I like about BBC. It's clean looking, and you can even double it as your shelf too! If I have a house that's big enough, I would want something like this too :p Though I think it will be a chore to clean :p hehehe

So what do I think of BBC in Setia Walk Puchong?

I think the food is great, the ambience is awesome, and this is definitely a cool place to go for a meal with family, as there is something for everyone, even those rice lovers :) So everyone gets to have a piece of their own pie, and eat it too!

If you're free and are looking for a place to go for a meal, make sure to head over to Bad Boy Cooks in Setia Walk,, Puchong. You won't regret it :)

Bad Boy Cooks Setia Walk Puchong
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Tel: 03-5891 1206

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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