Saturday, November 29, 2014

SK-II Changes Skin Destiny with Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence bottles

One of Malaysia’s hottest designers, the award winning Hatta Dolmat, unveiled a stunning haute couture Festive Collection at the launch of SK-II’s Limited Edition Festive Facial Treatment Essence Collection at a prestigious event at the SK-II #ChangeDestiny Garden in Suria KLCC a few weeks ago. 

This launch was inspired by the beautiful and vibrant colours of the flowers of the Tulip, Hydrangea, Freesia and Green Cypress. These are the flowers used by Taiwanese artist, Poh Chih Huang in his designs for the SK-II Limited Edition Festive Collection, and Hatta has woven his magic to design 10 signature couture gowns including a breath-taking bridal gown as a finale to his showcase.

If you do not know who Po-Chih Huang is, he is a Taiwanese digital artist who is also the 2013 winner of the prestigious Taipei Arts Awards Grand Prize, and he has turned his hand to beauty for a limited edition line of Facial Treatment Essence bottles for SK-II. Recognised as one of the top emerging artists to watch especially with his win in the most significant art prize for young artists in Taiwan, he has transformed the classic bottle with his signature artistic technique to create an exclusive collection for the iconic brand. Known for his use of digital technology as the chief medium in his artworks, Huang has turned that technique to create digital floral compositions for each bottle. The design draws inspiration from four flowers – tulips (Passion), freesia (Elegance), hydrangea (Compassion) and cypress (Wisdom) – to create an enchanting tapestry representative of the gift of everlasting beauty for the recipient.

We were serenaded by the very talented Yuna who was the singer for the entire Fashion Show

Hatta on the other hand, his creations reflect the haute couture interpretation of Poh’s creative technique of working with flowers to bring out the different aspects of their beauty and vitality through transformation - a celebration of everlasting beauty as a tribute to Pitera™’s transformative power. 

Desire: The feminine silhouette comes to the fore in this design. The focus of the dress is on its structured look, with an emphasis on its modern shoulders and sleeves. Sequined fabric and draping techniques around the waist add texture to the ensemble

Elegance: Gold is at its boldest in this gown, which displays an elegant cut. Sequined fabric adds glitter while a metallic look is incorporated in the top of the ensemble

Hatta said, “I feel that there’s a lot of synergy working with SK-II as it is a prestige skin care brand and my designs are prestige statements. SK-II transforms a woman’s skin to be beautiful while I make a woman beautiful through my designs. I was particularly inspired by the flowers and the garden theme from the SK-II Limited Edition Festive Collection which was so refreshing and gave me such a positive vibe with the colours and textures from the flowers used.”

Sparkling Violet: Like a hydrangea flower, this dress has many layers and textures. It is complex yet highly wearable, as textured pleats with folds create volume at the top and bottom of the dress

Eternity: The hourglass figure is celebrated in all its finery. This gown cuts a simple silhouette yet it is contemporary, classy and glamorous at the same time. It personifies the qualities of SK-II

These bottle transformations come into play as part of the #ChangeDestiny campaign, which was further explained by Shuqi Fu, SK-II’s Brand Communications Manager: "The #ChangeDestiny campaign by SK-II embodies the belief that everyone has the power to take control of and transform their own future, whether in skin or life. As a brand, we believe in inspiring miracle transformations, beautiful transformations that are not just skin deep. And one way we aim to do this is through collaborations in the realm of beauty and art. We hope to empower talented local artists and designers by giving them a platform to express their talent, pave their own destinies and excel in their passions.

Romance: A light, ethereal look is conveyed by the soft fabric lace with sequins and skirt volume. The sheer, see-through fabric gives the gown a striking silhouette.

This Festive season, SK-II celebrates the gift that lasts – crystal clear skin that can last for years to come – with an artist collaboration that sees the iconic Facial Treatment Essence transformed with a stunning new look. The beauty essence with over 90% Pitera™ is now housed in distinctive bottles designed to represent everlasting beauty.

SK-II Miracle in a Bottle Set (RM565)

SK-II Revival Deluxe Set (RM1,094)

Passion: Red Tulips
For the woman who pursues excellence and lives life to the fullest, in this design, Facial Treatment Essence is invigorated with a lively bloom of tulips that symbolize vitality and dynamism. Petals adorn the bottle in bold, energetic red strokes – the very expression of a woman’s passion.

SK-II Best Essential Set (RM974)

Elegance: Yellow Freesia
The warm yellow hues of the freesia dress up the bottle in this rendition of the Facial Treatment Essence. Exquisitely beautiful, the freesia’s subtle scent and graceful appearance are the perfect metaphor for a woman’s elegance. 

SK-II Aura Glow Set (RM1,310)

Compassion: Purple Hydrangea
Selected for its symbolic representation of appreciation and gratitude, the enchantingly captivating hydrangea is stamped onto the Facial Treatment Essence bottle. The soft budding petals coupled with slight variations of colours add an air of mystery to the design, the best gift for a thoughtful friend who always has you in her mind.

SK-II MEN Essentials Set (RM784)

Wisdom: Green Cypress
Deep-rooted in strength and eternity, the green cypress climbs stylishly around the bottle in this limited edition SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence. The intricate pattern of overlapping leaves forms a thoughtful and cool image, making this the ultimate gift of wisdom for the man in your life.

Facial Treatment Essence has been linked to lasting crystal clear skin, as SK-II recently discovered in its landmark Skin Destiny study. Long-term users of the Essence who started in their 20s enjoy better skin in their 30s and 40s, proving that crystal clear skin today can last 10, 20, 30 years from now.

The secret to lasting crystal clear skin is SK-II’s signature ingredient Pitera™, which is made up of a delicate composition of amino acids, vitamins, organic acids, minerals, saccharides and other valuable components for your skin. Containing over 90% Pitera™, Facial Treatment Essence harnesses the unique ingredient to transform all 5 skin dimensions to crystal clear.

Availability & Pricing
Give the ultimate gift of everlasting crystal clear skin this season with the limited edition Facial Treatment Essence, available while stocks last at all SK-II counters in Malaysia from 1 October 2014.

SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, 215 ml is available as part of 4 SK-II festive sets, namely 
  • SK-II Miracle In A Bottle Set (RM565), 
  • SK-II Best Essential Set (RM974), 
  • SK-II Revival Deluxe Set (RM1,094) and 
  • SK-II Aura Glow Set (RM1,310).
SK-II MEN Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, 215 ml is available as part of the SK-II MEN Essential Set (RM784).

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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