Monday, November 24, 2014

Strongbow hits the mark with three new refreshing variants

Hold your horses this December guys, because Strongbow, the number one global cider brand has introduced three new variants in Malaysia. They are; Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold, Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey, and Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower. These three new ciders will be appearing at on- and off-trade premises starting next month and are made from the freshest apples. 

Strongbow has continuously selected the finest apples for their cider recipes while retaining the crisp and refreshing flavour profile that consumers crave. As the number one cider brand in the world, Strongbow is constantly adapting and inventing newer and more exciting variants. With freshness at its core, the three new Strongbow variants have been added to the range to provide consumers with more choices and to suit different individual tastes. These new variants, whilst retaining the delicious Original Apple Cider taste that is widely loved, they also deliver distinct top notes to each different variant.

The launch was held at the iconic Studio 31 off Kota Damansara, and I must say, the place was great! I really loved the ambient lighting, and the beautiful layout of the place and strategically placed counters was well thought out. It wasn’t too cramped, neither was it too small.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold has a refined apple taste that is sweet and crisp and manages to captures the light aftertaste of bittersweet apples. It tastes stronger than the Original, and gives a very long finish. The colour of the cider itself is a warm golden yellow, and as an after though, you can taste a pleasant dash of green apple note, which reflects the quality and taste of the cider within.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey is a sweet and pleasant cider that honey advocates will love. It delivers the sweet scent of honey, while at the same time maintaining the crisp taste of the original cider. Every bottle of this new variant contains a unique golden bronze hue and ends with a refreshing hint of rhubarb for a fruity finish.

If you’re a fan of lime, then the Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower is one that you should not miss. With a blend of Elderflower and lime, it hits the 'bulls-eye' by capturing the sweet floral aroma, along with a fruity hint. As opposed to the other two variants, the Elderflower has a clear silver-white tint, while the delicious infusion of fresh lime flavour in the cider adds a natural zest t the palate.

Having had the privilege to taste all three variants at their recent media launch, I would have to say that I love the Elderflower variant best. All of its unique qualities appeal to me, and I really love the taste of it on my tongue. Alternatively, if you love the original Strongbow taste, you would love the Gold variant as it leaves a longer note in your mouth, making you savour it more. The Honey variant is also equally sweet to the Elderflower, but lacks the floral aftertaste that I prefer :)

Both the Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold and Honey contain five percent alcohol per volume (ABV) while the Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower contains 4.5% ABV. Each bottle is carefully and intricately designed with an embossed detailing ln a 330ml sleek pint bottle. The three new variants will be available in early December 2014.

So look out for the new variants at selected premises starting this December, and get ready to be blown away by the new and refreshing taste of the three Strongbow Apple Ciders variants!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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