Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review: Simple Everyday Look on a Budget

Aloha ladies! I've noticed that there are a lot of ladies out there who think that the more expensive a product is, the better it will perform, be it in terms of long lasting-ness, colour payoff, or whether or not they deliver their claims.

Well, I for one, firmly believe that there are also other products out there that are significantly cheaper that can also perform as well, if not better, than those expensive products and brands.  Which is why, when I got my beauty box by The Butterfly Project, I was quite stoked that I can put together a simple everyday look for you guys, that will not burst your budget :)

So for an everyday look, what do we need? For me, it's simple. I need eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lip balm, and lip gloss :) Yes, just five products. Ooh and nail polish too for that pretty look on your nails :D
So here, I have the Maybelline Electro Pop Lip Balm for moisturised lips, Collection Cosmetic's Hotlights Lip Gloss for that just kissed look, Dolly Wink's Liquid Eyeliner in Black, and Maybelline's Color Show Nail Polish in Berry Sexy.

First off, lip balm, Here I have Maybelline's Electro Pop Lip Balm in Pink Shock. What I love about this lip balm is that it is tinted, and also has a slight watermelon taste, which is my favourite fruit! It's different from other lip balms that I have used, such as mentholatum, which goes on clear and then changes to a tint after a while. This balm goes on with the tint straight away, and is similar to the baby lips tinted balm, also from Maybelline. 

The packaging itself has a bit more 'premium' feel, where it looks like a lipstick tube instead of the typical lip balm with the little cover. 

Before application of the lip balm, you can see that my lips are a little on the pale side, which is why I would prefer to use tinted balms during work days so I can just have that burst of colour on my lips on top of having it moisturised :)

And here is the after photo, after I have applied on Electro Pop balm. Love how the colour is not too deep, and sheer enough to give my lips that little bit of colour. The Electro Pop lip balm is a new and improved formula, which gives my lips up to 8 hours of hydration. 

Once I have my lip balm on, I will usually top it off with gloss whenever I go out to meet clients. And this is where Collection Cosmetic's Hotlights Lip Gloss comes in. This is one that I will go more into detail, cos I feel that this is a very special type of gloss. From the onset, this looks like just any ordinary gloss, but when you untwist the cap, a special LED light comes on from two corners of the cap. As you can see in the picture above, the LED light is bright enough to light up your lips when you look into the mirror.

Up close shot of the cap, with the LED light. The applicator is any standard doe-tip applicator. This is colour #4, Sparkle

Another interesting feature of this lip gloss is that when you turn the gloss to the side, there is an in-built mirror. This feature just makes touching up in dark places when you're on the go so much more easier. You don't need light cos they already have light in the cap, and you don't need to lug around a separate mirror because the mirror is already handy at the side of the tube. Now I understand why it's called Hotlights :D It's really hot with all these sexy features :D

Next up, Dolly Wink's Liquid Eyeliner. The eyeliner has a flexible point tip, which can give you different thickness in lines depending on how much pressure you put on it. The colour itself is a dazzling black colour, and when I first tried it out, I was also pleasantly surprised. The formula is waterproof, and once it sets, it is also smudge proof. I use it to work every day, and every day after work I am still amazed at how my eyeliner still stays on even after a long day.

Some swatches of the first three products, from left are; Electro Pop Lip Balm, Hotlights Lip Gloss, and two swatches of the Dolly Wink eyeliner. You can see how fine the liner tip is, and the less than perfect curve in the heart shape shows how delicate the tip is and how you can create a super precise line with the tip.

Next to flash those beautiful talons, we have Maybelline's Color Show Nail Polish, in Berry Sexy :) It's a purple nail colour that is one out of the 20 nail lacquers available in Malaysia's market. 

The clolour itself is very pigmented, that you only need one coat of paint for that bright purple colour that is so synonymous of Maybelline. Its not an overly bright coat of colour, but at the same time, it doesn't come off as a dull shade. I think the colour is just right that I don't have to worry about offending my clients but still remain stylish.

So how much does all these products cost?

Electro Pop Lip Balm: RM14.90

Hotlights Lip Balm: RM24.90

Dolly Wink Eyeliner: RM 55.90

Color Show Nail Polish: RM9.90

Total = RM105.60

Only about RM100 for four full sized products which work wonders to give you that every day look. Who says you need to spend a lot to look fabulous?

Personally, I use these items everyday to create my simple everyday look to work. I love how I only take a maximum of 10 minutes everyday to create this look, and how it is so easy to maintain :) 

Tell me what are your other budget products in the comments below!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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