Thursday, February 05, 2015

Event: Penang, KL, and Sarawak emerge Victorious at the Star Factor Showdown

Quality, showmanship and determination defined hospitality perfection at the second GABPS Academy National Finals. Held in the grand auditorium at EX8, Subang Jaya, the Top 3 hospitality industry professionals demonstrated nothing less than a remarkable show of draught skills, enhanced with their Star Factor. They were chosen out of a pool of more than 1,400 participants and hence, qualifying them to an intensive GABPS Academy Boot Camp.

These three winners were, incidentally, the top three people that I was rooting for. Glen Oliver Joseph from Mish Mash, Penang, mainly because he reminds me of my Glen :D Sean Leong Wai Yean from Muzeum, Setiawalk, cos he was very entertaining, and I think it's safe to say that a lot of people rooted for him, and Spencer Ezra Anak Petter from Publique, Kuching. Sarawak represent! Enough said :D

GABPS Academy is the training division of Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB), catering specifically to GAB’s trade partners and front-line staff by providing 5-star product and service quality training, to ensure that the perfect drinking experience is provided to consumers at all GAB outlets. The Academy anchors the Heineken Star Serve programme in Malaysia, which is a global quality initiative by Heineken that ensures consumers all over the world can enjoy a perfectly poured Heineken draught beer.

Out of 1,400 hospitality industry professionals GABPS Academy trained in 2014 over a period of 8 months, 30 participants qualified to the GABPS Academy Regional Finals. From the Regional Finals, 6 qualified to the GABPS Academy National Finals.

GABPS Academy was initiated with the objective to ensure our trade partners are equipped with the knowledge of delivering the perfect drinking experience to their customers while championing the Heineken Star Serve programme. It is a comprehensive module to assist trade partners in keeping their outlet at the forefront of the Malaysian hospitality industry”, explained Keith Nair, Manager of Quality & Service Operations of GAB.

The Top 6 National Finalists on Wednesday night showed no exception in mastering the 5-step Heineken pouring ritual and serving it to perfection under pressure while adding a touch of their own star factor. The objective was to deliver their version of Heineken’s “World-Class experience”.

Your top 6 contenders :)

Winners were determined based on stringent judging criteria, evaluated by a panel of hospitality industry experts. The Top 3 winners will advance to the GABPS Academy Boot Camp, a 3-day-2-night intensive training session to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare them to compete against the world’s top bartenders. The candidate who demonstrates the strongest traits in terms of determination, quality control, personality, and the Star Factor, will be crowned the GABPS Hero of the Year; representing Malaysia at the second Heineken Global Bartender Final in Amsterdam this April. In 2013, Malaysia brought back the World No.2 Bartender title.

“With Heineken being the world’s no.1 international premium beer, the Global Bartender Final is a key element of the GABPS Academy and the Heineken Star Serve Programme, where we put quality, hospitality industry professionals, and trade partners firmly in the spotlight.” explained Jessie Chuah, Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia.

Thanks Tammy for coming with me to the Grand Finals :D

Personally for me, I was quite stoked that our very own Anak Bumi Kenyalang, Spencer got into the top three :) It actually signifies that even though we might be from the 'other part' of the Country, there is no lack in talent. There are 1,400 people vying for this moment, and Spencer is one of the three who has made it to the top. I'm very proud of you!!!

Good luck Spencer!!!! I will be rooting for you all the way to Amsterdam!!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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