Friday, March 06, 2015

Review: NIVEA Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum SPF 33 PA +++

Skin tone and condition have always been a big concern for women. It is an endless battle for every woman to look good and beautiful according to societal stereotypes. Hence it is a common desire for Asian women to have beautiful, fair and radiant skin.

And to further add to the stereotype, I am one of those people. Being an athlete since young (like, really young, since 4 years old :p), I have always been under the sun, and I have skin so tanned, that if you didn't know me, you would have thought that I was a Bumiputera and not pure Chinese. And I have been trying to get a healthier and fairer skin tone, and get rid of the dark spots. So I am always on the lookout to find the right whitening product that can suit my skin, but not only that, I need to consider whether the product I chose will be able to also protect me from harmful UVA and UVB Rays. Because yes, if you get the wrong product, your skin will become dull and damaged.

So when I was given the opportunity to review NIVEA's Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum SPF33 PA+++, I thought, why not? I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

The Serum claims to protect skin from UV Rays, and repairs accumulated dull and sun damaged skin from within. It contains "Broad Spectrum" which is a UVA/UVB Protection that protects your skin in a wide range. Enriched with 95% anti-oxidant Pure Vitamin C derivative, it gives 10 times the whitening effect to help repair accumulated dull and sun damaged skin for long lasting fairer skin in 14 days. It is also gentle on skin without causing skin thinning compared to other whitening products.

When I applied this serum on my skin, I find that it absorbs very fast and does not leave any stickiness on my skin. And it is very long lasting. For example, after I apply this serum in the morning, I realise that even after I wash my hands, after drying them my hands still feels moisturised. It was only then that I realised that I do not need to reapply the serum throughout the day as its efficacy is awesome.

After two rubs, this is how much product is left....quite a bit has already been absorbed into my skin. It took me another one minute for everything to fully absorb

After using it for about two weeks, I realise that my skin is a little bit fairer. It's not a drastic change, like up to three skin tones or anything, but just a tough lighter than I originally look. I daresay the longer I use this, the fairer I will become :) My skintone is normal, but don't fret if you have dry skin or sensitive skin. The Serum is suitable for all skin types as it is skin compatible and dermatologically approved. This will give you reason to wear anything you want, and just show off that fairer and silky smooth skin :p

NIVEA Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum SPF33 PA+++ is now available across all leading chain hypermarkets, supermarkets, and pharmacy stores in Malaysia.

And guess what! the NIVEA Body Whitening Night Serum is also available! So you can use it at night to repair and nourish skin during the night and wake up a new person!

Verdict: 7/10.

Repurchase: Yes

Last Comments: The product is very easy to lather on, and I love that it absorbs very easily, enabling me to get to my tasks faster without having to wait for it to dry. I usually put this on in the morning after my bath, and when you're rushing in the morning, you will opt out of putting it on altogether! So when it's so easily absorbed, I can just apply it, and I don't have to wait long for it to fully absorb :D

NIVEA Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum SPF 33 PA +++

Price: RM19.90

Size: 180g

Availability: All leading chain hypermarkets, supermarkets, and pharmacy stores in Malaysia

*This product has been sent to me for review consideration. However, it has not affected my opinion in any way.

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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