Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Event: MIMMA 3 Semi-Finals delivers a knock out punch!

If you have been a follower of my blog, you would know that one of the sports I follow is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and the MIMMA 3 Semi-Finals has come and gone :) It was an awesome day of witnessing 28 fighters from 7 weight categories, in the cage set up in the middle of Paradigm Mall.

MIMMA 3 has been gaining popularity since the first MIMMA in 2013, and this MIMMA 3 shall be the platform for the current MIMMA hopefuls to fight emulating the warrior spirit of those who fought for the country’s independence. The Foreign Pride and the Women’s category fighters will see some action in the #MIMMA3 Contender Fights happening next month.

Their inner strengths, characteristics and their morality dictated their performance in the cage. FOr the winners, this mean they are closer on becoming the next MIMMA Champion, and everyone knows that MMA is like a sprint race with a duration of a marathon and the amount of pressure endured by the fighters is immense.

Jason Lo stated, “Physical traits matter less than what is inside your heart. If you have the soul of a warrior, then you will fight like a warrior. All the other things are like the glass of a lamp but your soul is the light inside. With that said, these 28 fighters have dug deep in their hearts for the strength to bring out the warrior in them in cage. This is a month to remember the warriors who fought hard for our independence and we expected nothing less from the semi-finalists.”


1. NAIMUL AMAL defeated JARREL KOK via TKO strikes 2nd round (1.58)
referee Khoo MY
2. DHIAUL AMAL defeated EDDY KALAI via submission RNC, 2nd round
referee Khoo MY

1. TEE JAC YOE defeated NICHOLAS WONG via standing TKO 2nd round
Referee Dana Blouin
2. EFFENDY KALAI defeated JOSHUA KHIEW via Unanimous decision
Referee Raja Azlan

1. MUHD AIMAN defeated DOUGLAS DANN via TKO ground and pound 2nd round
referee Dana Blouin
2. HAFIZUL HAKIM defeated FAISAL YASOK via TKO strikes 2nd round
Referee Isaac Yap

1. JACE LAW defeated SAMUEL JONATHAN LAI via unanimous decision
referee Isaac Yap
2. VINOD DAVE SINGH defeated HUI KENG FAI via split decision
Referee Oliver Coste

1. MELVIN KHOR defeated TEH KAH WEI via DQ 1st round (neck crank)
Referee Raja Azlan
2. GINO TAN defeated IRFAN RIZAIN via unanimous decision
Referee Khoo MY

1. MUHD SYAFEEQ defeated MUHD EZZAT via Sumb-RNC 2nd round,
referee Olivier Coste
2. MEERAJ OMAR defeated THEEBAN G. via TKO (strikes) 3rd round
Referee Raja Azlan

1. NIKER TAN defeated MD YMADUDDIN via TKO strikes 1st round,
referee Isaac Yap
2. THAM YAW KENT defeated TSAN NIENG KHAI via unanimous decision
Referee Dana Blouin

Foreign Pride:
KARADECH SEESOMBAT defeated TAKUMI ARAI via unanimous decision
Referee Olivier Coste

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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