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Review: Sweet Ampoules, La Belle range

Holla bellas! It's been a super hectic month for me, but I've managed to carve out some time to blog, so I'm back to tell you what I can about Ampoules. Nowadays with all the serums, essences, lotions, etc out there, what exactly is an ampoule, and why are they good for our skin? According to eonline, ampoules are basically supercharged serums. Basically, they are serums on steroids. They are super packed with high concentrations of active ingredients and can help to boost the quality of your skin in the least time possible.

While products like moisturisers give an overall effect, ampoules work in a more niche market. They are usually produced to cater to a specific need, such as pore minimising, hydrating, collagen boosting, whatever you can think of, there is an ampoule to target it. And yes, let's face it, there are a number of brands out there that tout all sorts of things, but which brand would be the best to go for?

For me, I went with La Belle, a product skincare brand from Paris. What drew me to them was that they use only the finest natural botanical extracted ingredients, vitamins, minerals & enzymes and by combining with the advance research and technology to achieved many desired skin results.

I got the Collagen Repair Ampoule, Sooth Hydrating Ampoule, Pore Minimizing Ampoule, and the Hydra Essence. For me, my main skin concern was that my skin is not hydrated enough, and my pores are rather large, which was why I went with the four products.

Sooth Hydrating Ampoule (RM40 for a box of 10 vials)
Suitable for All Skin Type especially Dry & Dehydrated Skin Type
La Belle Sooth Hydrating Ampoules are formulated to increase moisture in our inner skin cells, not only does it smooth and plumps skin to lessen the appearance of fine lines, it will also diffuse redness and swollen skin by infusing pure oxygen into your skin. And because pure oxygen is anti-bacterial it kills acne causing bacteria that can lead to breakouts, giving you the complexion you always wanted, clear and glowing skin.

Pore Minimizing Ampoule (RM40 for a box of 10 vials)
Suitable for Very Oily Pores, Pimple, Acne Prone & Large Open Pores Skin Type.
La Belle Pore Minimizing Ampoules contains high concentrating elements of purifying, antiseptic and astringent properties. This ampoule indirectly helps to unclog and tightens pores by balancing up sebum production & control of excess oil production. With highly formulated purifying herbs, it instantly tightens, purifies and minimises enlarged pores while promoting a fresh, flawless complexion.

Collagen Repair Ampoule (RM40 for a box of 10 vials)
Suitable for Dry & Dehydrated Skin, Loose & Dull, Sensitive, Tired and Sun Irritated Skin Type
La Belle Collagen Repair Ampoules has a combination of 2 in 1 formula; The Native Collagen & DNA Repair substance. Its soluble collagen helps to repair dehydrated and loose aged skin cells that could cause our skin to sag and lose our face's natural symmetry and balance of our skin. This ampoule covers the skin with a film that has a firming, plumping-up effect, so that the skin's texture immediately looks smoother and younger.

Hydra Essence (RM65 for a box of 10 vials)
Suitable for Normal Skin, Dry & Dehydrated Skin, Oily and Acne type
La Belle Hydra Essence contains high concentration of Water, H2O & Hyaluronic Acid,HA. La Belle Hydra Essence is blended with natural herbs extract which makes this perfect combination to hydrate & rejuvenate our inner skin cells. The elements in this essences helps to lock moisture and assists to keep restoring elasticity & moisture to the skin, this hence will minimize wrinkles and transfer our skin to a more youthful appearance.

How to use the ampoules?
Basically what you need to do is just to pop open the cap. It has two layers, which is the rubber cap, and the cap that seals it in. Once it is open, pour a little onto your palm. It is a little viscous, so be careful that you don't pour too much out. To apply, gently tap it onto your skin, until all of it is absorbed.

It is recommended that you store the ampoules away from direct heat or sunlight, as they are made of natural ingredients. You should also put the grey rubber cap on tightly after opening one vial, and from previous experience using the ampoules, you need to really ensure that the rubber caps are sealed tight as it has a tendency to slide out.

How to open it? 
If you look at the top of the vial, it will be sealed with a silver foil and capped with a rubber cap. There are two arrows whereby you will need to pull the rubber cap open from there.

Once you have pulled it open, the foil automatically tears, and all you need to do is remove it.

Voila! What you have left is the grey rubber cap that you can easily remove and pour out the ampoule. After usage, you can cap the grey rubber cap back in.

One vial can be used up to 4 times "or" 3 days max (whichever comes first). Once you open it, if unfinished, the contents are already exposed. since the ampoules are formulated with raw herbs and natural ingredients, it is not recommended to keep it too long.

La Belle also produces powder masks, and one of the two I bought is the Grey Mud mask.

Grey Mud Powder Mask (RM8 per pack)
La Belle Grey Mud Powder Mask is rich in mineral to help calm down uncomfortable skin conditions. It helps to Stabilize Skin pH, Clear Skin Pores & Cleanses Skin Deeply. This Grey Mud Mask has a strong drawing action and is perfect to use as a face and/or body treatment. It is great for improving the skin's circulation, reducing open pores and refining the skin. It is also excellent for sunburn, itchy skin and insect bites.

The second one I bought is the Pearl White powder mask (the one with the blue label in the first picture). It has anti-aging benefits, healing properties, and skin brightening and anti-wrinkle properties as well.

How to use it?
**Mix half packet of powder mask with equal amount of mineral water or equaivalent amount of La Belle Aloe Rose Toner (which can be bought here) & 30ml mineral water (until it become a smooth paste). Apply a thin layer of 1-3mm mask on face. After 15-30minutes drying, gently peel off the mask.

All in all, I took about two months to finish this entire set that I had, and here's what I thought:
  1. The ampoules are really easy to apply, and fits into my skincare regime perfectly. Because they are so rich in nutrients, I don't always apply my serum after application of the ampoules because I feel that they are enough for me.
  2. The ampoules itself has no scent or colour, and the mere fact that each bottle has to be discarded after three days means that there are no preservatives in it. So this is definitely a plus point for me. 
  3. After about three weeks of usage, I started to see some differences in my skin. It is brighter, and smoother, and the dry patches on my skin became less. I used to have skin that was just dry in some areas, and that was a sore spot for me as I didn't like the flakiness. But after using the ampoules, I realised that my skin was different, and the dry spots are lessened.
  4. I also had pimple scars, and after usage, the scars are less visible, which I would like to think is because the ampoules actually sped up my skin renewal process from all the extra boosts it was getting. If you see the picture below, I had a few dark spots on my face, and after usage, it didn't fade off completely, but was minimised. 
  5. As a conclusion, I would have to say yes, I saw a vast improvement in my skin's condition, and I would recommend this to anyone who is interested to try it out. And for the price that they are offering (RM40 for 10 vials), it is really quite affordable. 

Lastly my dears, if you are interested to purchase these products out on your own, you can head to La Belle's website and key in my code:


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If you purchase above RM150.00,  you will get a 10% discount on your first purchase, which excludes shipping charges.

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Hurry up and get it now!

La Belle Ampoules

Price: RM40.00 for an ampoule box of 10 vials, RM65 for an Essence box of 10 vials

Size: 10 vials per box

Availability: Available online at

*The products were sent to me for review consideration. However, this has not affected the outcome of the review in any way.

Til the next time, stay beautiful! 


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