Friday, December 23, 2016

Digi Prepaid introduces new Add-On, the Unlimited Daily Pass

When I got my very first handphone, I have switched a few telco companies, and finally, settled on Digi. I've been with Digi Postpaid for more than ten years now, and now I wish that I'm a prepaid user.

But in all fairness though, because if you're a Digi Prepaid user, Digi has introduced Unlimited Passes for Prepaid users to enjoy unlimited talking, surfing and streaming from as low as RM1/day. Say WHAT???? Yes, you heard me right. Upon activation, these RM1 passes are valid for 24 hours. There are other Add-Ons as well for RM3/day and RM8/day, but the RM1/day passes are what drew me in immediately.
So what do you get for RM1/day? Prepaid plan users will get a choice of unlimited video streaming (Lite), Unlimited Social (Lite) or Unlimited Internet Calls via WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger.

What do these encompass?

Unlimited Video Streaming (Lite) lets you stream videos from Digi's Video Freedom main partners, such as YouTube, Iflix, Tonton, and Viu. With these partners, this package is optimized for Standard Definition videos @ 512kbps.

If you choose Unlimited Social (Lite), you can surf, watch videos and chat on Facebook all day.

The last option of Unlimited Internet Calls lets you make video and voice calls all day, across major Internet platforms like Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger.

Here’s what a typical day would be like for you if you decide to subscribe to the Daily Unlimited Video Streaming (Lite).

Morning: Wake up, scroll through Facebook, see a cute video your friend has posted, and proceed to find more cute videos on YouTube, preferably of furry little kitties.

Afternoon: Realise that you need to get Christmas presents, so you then proceed to get Christmas inspiration by scrolling through YouTube and searching for Christmas ideas for four hours, because, who watches only one video, right???

Night: After a hearty dinner, settle down to catch up on the dramas and series you have been missing out on via Iflix or Tonton. Continue watching until you fall asleep, I daresay that would be a few hours.

Well, that’s what a typical day would be like for me when I have a free day, and if I have the Daily Unlimited Video Streaming (Lite)!!

For a person that relies on social media and her phone all through the day, these Add-Ons at only RM1 would be a life-saver for me at any change in circumstance that I face throughout the day. I don't even have to rely on wifi to call via Whatsapp or stream videos while waiting for a client. I can just subscribe to the Unlimited Internet Calls!

Being in the service industry, most of my clients have now shifted to calls via Whatsapp, or sending me messages even on Facebook Messenger. Not only for clients, but even I have resorted to Internet calls as well. Looking at how affordable this plan is, I might even get a new Digi Prepaid number to take advantage of this plan. These Unlimited Daily Passes will change my lifestyle completely, and I don't have to worry about using up my data whenever my client calls me via the Internet.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn't! To find out more about the Add-Ons, you can head on over to:

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