Saturday, July 08, 2017

Event: Be a Baby Foot Princess with Sasa Malaysia

Ask any lady, and she will tell you, she has dreamt of her prince charming, and the day she gets swept off her feet. Well, most ladies, not all. :p

Blame it on Cinderella, most girls dream of meeting The ONE, and that magical moment when you meet your Prince Charming, and he slips those glass slippers on your feet and your life changes forever.

Well, now you have that opportunity! Sasa Malaysia has actually embarked on a roadshow to find one Babyfoot Princess. All you have to do is fit your foot in the Glass Slipper provided, and you can stand a chance to win awesome prizes.

Throughout the entire roadshow, there were also other products on offer, even up to 50% exclusive discounts on various Japanese beauty product such as BabyFoot, Too's Smile, Slinky Touch, ShiroWaki Hime and FINE.

Too's Smile was one of the products on offer, which is touted to have the ability to whiten your teeth due to its natural properties. When we were there, the team showed us how a tarnished coin can be good as new just with a few minutes' application. 

My initial concern with this was that the product might be too acidic for teeth, but according to them, the products are 100% natural, which has less acidity levels compared to other products of a similar function.

The next amazing product they had was the Hair Removal cream. I brought one back home with me to try, and from personal experience, I think this is one of the best creams that I have tried. All I did was leave it on for about 10 minutes, and the hair was effectively removed. The best part was that there was little to none chemical smells. Other products that I have previously used have a very heavy chemical smell, which actually put me off. So to have a product that is effective yet has no heavy chemical smell is definitely an achievement, and I really recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to use shavers or epilators or wax strips.

Body care is something every woman cares about, and I am no exception. I've tried the Blackhead remover, and I have to say, the product actually delivers. I only have to apply it and massage in circular motions, and blackheads and whiteheads are easily removed.

For a holistic health and wellness, we do not only focus on the external, but also what is internal. There were many supplements and health drinks available at the roadshow, and I brought back some samples to try. They were delicious on top of being good for the body. I have a feeling I will be heading back to Sasa soon to stock up :)

The star of the roadshow, the Foot Care section. We were given a pair to try out, and the after effects are great. It is really easy to use, much like putting on socks, and just let the solution do its thing. Remove after about thirty minutes, and after a few days, the hard dead skin will start to peel off, and you get to enjoy baby soft skin on your feet.

The Baby Foot product is sold with one pair in a box each. Once you open the box, the contents are a foil packaging that contains your foot mask, so to speak.

I assume it's foil so that we can avoid the heat from destroying the natural extracts contained within the foot gel itself. All in all, there are 17 Natural Extracts that contain high moisturising properties.

Each foot mask comes in the shape of a 'boot' and is sealed. To use, you will need to snip off the top and insert foot. Kinda like open foot mask, insert foot :p

What I liked about this product was that it has a flat sole, so you can walk around with it, and don't have to worry about stepping on any seams and the product seeps out. They also come with stickers that you can stick onto the mask after folding the opening around your ankles to ensure that the product absorbs easier into the skin and is more effective as it is constantly in touch with your feet.

After 30 minutes, remove the gel, and wash off the excess formula. Then, sit and wait a few days for your skin to start to peel and soon after, your feet will look and feel like baby soft skin!

Baby Foot retails for RM59.90 at Sasa Stores, so please get one to try! I promise you, you won't regret it :)

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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