Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my Kenyalang Trip

I went to Kenyalang of my few outings out at night...hehe...and so I went on a shopping spree..
I bought cd's, (yes, i know you can download from the net, but i do not have streamyx, therefore i shall just comfort myself) and i also bought a cd case..winnie the pooh cover..hehe..
I also bought two nail polish, one is purple, and another is light yellow, more to gold.. both with little sparkly flecks in it =) *hapiness*
Ron messaged me this morning..asking me to go BOWLING!! hehe..but after a while, he msg me back, saying cancelled..=( so sad...
but its ok, i shall cheer myself with other things..
i called Lilian last night, and we talked quite long la..hehe..I cant wait for August to come!! that i can register at Swinburne and study again..its so boring at home!!
But then...I can also wait for dear going to KK for three months when august comes..=(
never coming back...and so i shall not be able to see him for three whole months!!! :-(

But its ok..three months is a short time..better three months than three years, rite?
that's it for now, tata!!

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