Thursday, July 20, 2006

Twice bitten, thrice shy

SUPP called me early this morning, around 9 am..waking me from my sweet slumber...there I was, dreaming away happily, when my phone rang. I thought it was my mom,( since she usually call me to wake me up, even though she's only downstairs) and i grumbled and sulked until i saw the number on my phone, which isn't my house number...

I composed myself and tried to sound demure when i answered..
"hi, Choulyin. this is Calvin from SUPP youth calling ar..I heard that you din get any offer from local uni right.." the guy said.

*DUH...If i did i wouldn't still be at home right..i most prob would have been halfway to class already..* I thought..
But i said, "no, i didn't have any offer.."

Then he said, " so what are your plans now?"

To which i replied.." now?"

But he obviously heard wrong, because he said, "nothing? ok, I just want to let you know that we are still fighting for you. I just got off the phone with the ministry of higher education, and we are also going to write a letter of appeal...." which i tuned out in the end because basically they are saying the same thing..

At the end, i asked "so when am i going to know when my results will be out?"

And he said, " im not sure..but we will let you know asap"

So i dutifully thanked him, and we both hung up.

While I appreciate SUPP youth's help, i have my own reservations..I mean, twice a have been rejected by mohe, what makes the third time so special? they probably see my application and toss it aside, thinking: ^this girl again? haven't we rejected her twice already? tak tahu malu betul^

And so i am not going to get my hopes up. i shall just concentrate on my application to swinburne..I am now ready and geared for acounting..hehe...i hear Lilian say that its a jungle out get the course i want with Ron and Lil, we must go early early and snatch it up! as the saying goes, 'the early birds catches the worms' hehe..

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