Monday, July 17, 2006

off to uni

everyone is off to uni..well, not EVERYONE lar..there are still some of us here..hehe...
I just realised the emptiness of it when I wanted to have a get together for badminton the other day...and instead of the usual ten or more ppl, it turn out to be a measly five..=(
I appealed to SUPP for my uni application, but I'm wondering..just how much can they do for us? Not meaning to be pessimistic or anything, but it does make you ponder, right? mohe says that if by 24 July you stil haven't been offered anything, they actually mean "Jangan haraplah!" its just so sad, that the ppl who get lousier results than you have a place in uni, and you don't.
Off the subject..its gonna just turn me into a cynic..anyways, tomorrow is Swinburne's Open Day, and i have decided to apply for accounting there. Although I have to wonder about the kind of ppl they are taking in..cos just the other day, we had a PC fair, and i overheard some snotty girl say, "why is it that everywhere i go, i see swinburne ppl?" DUH!!!! Kuching is a small city. of course you'r bound to bump into ppl you know, or barely know when you go out. It's not like KL, where if you go out alone, you most probably won't even meet a single person you know..
Anyways, enough about that...I was talking about accounting right, well...what can I say? it's the practical way out =) and it has the added benefit of two of my very good frens also studying there, which are Lilian and'll be a blast! hehe...then we can have study groups and stuff..
okies, should be enough for sis wana go online...

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