Monday, July 17, 2006

Ignorance is bliss..yes?

I have just come back from my moo moo it's cow appreciation day is also Ben Moh's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!!
Right...anyways, when I was at Bing!, Edward was using the computer, and he went to alot of blogs..and i read some of them, and it really amazes me that there are so many computer savvy people around..hehe...time for me to come out of my tempurung..i guess. What i learnt from watching Ed post a blog, you have to have good writing skills to blog. This is because you want people to read it and be entertained by it. But apart from that, you must also keep it simple, as there are quite a number of people who although like to read your blog, have a short span of attention disorder. People like me. Heh. From watching Ed, i have to finally admit that I am a total idiot when it come to these ultra high tech things..until Ed told Bren that they have to teach me a lot of things. I mean, how can anybody make their blog so interesting? There are pics, and captions, and watermarks and such..I have to learn these things..Hence, my mid year resolutions : to be more computer savvy.

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