Monday, July 17, 2006


had nothing to do, and so I went on Google to search for my name..heh..vanity..
And so, there were about 21 hits on my full name..and about 80 hits for my first name only.most of it cos of my swimming and synchronized swimming, but surprisingly, there were a few from feli,naomi, ron and azelea..made me a little flattered. I didn't think I was important enough to be mentioned. and even if i was, it would most prob be in short form like Yin, or something.
Reading Feli's blog gave me a trip down memory lane..on how our Form 6 used to be. How i just flew by Secondary school but reli settled down in Form 6, and made frens for life.
One of the things i really miss are my U6C classmates. saw a pic of Pn Jo blowing out candles, and she was wearing the earrings I gave to her for teachers day! hehe..and it put some things in perspective for me. Seeing as how i thought that i was mature, it turns out that we don't mature as we grow older. We mature as we go through experiences in life. And as much as it pains me to admit it, when i was in Form 6, it doesn't make me any more experienced even though i'm two years older. I was mean (to some people) and probably a little biased to some. Although i try my best to be fair to everyone and let bygones be bygones, turns out i wasn't trying hard enough.
Form 6 is hard, but you gain so much more experiences, and make many friends. Seriously, I have made friends with people i didn't even think of talking to when i was in St. Teresa. hehe..people like Sam Jo, Arlyne, and also Pris. I didn't even think that i would make so many Form 4 and 5 friends..hehe...some whose friendships i still hold dearly to, and try to hang out with when i can =)
I MISS FORM 6!!!! now in uni, your friends are scattered all over the world, and you realise that time is short.

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