Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Admin snails!!!

I absolutely despise the Admin people at Swinburne!!!! so damn bitchy!!!!!!! I went to 1st floor today to see if my ID has been done yet or not, and that idiot asked me "did you come yesterday?"

so i said "ya...."

she said, "what did i tell you?"

*blank* "er...you din tel me anything..."

Idiot : "i DID!!!! i told you to come back on wednesday, after 3pm" and she jelings me with that heavily painted, with three inches make-up face which doesn't do much for her complexion as she still looks as ugly as a **********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think she has menopause...


Anonymous said...

tell her go die! - freedom of speech! u can tell her to be extra polite because u PAY HER TO BE POLITE! Dammit! Wad's with rude ppl nowadays!

Flinders Uni is 10 times bigger than Swinburne, with more than 10 times the amount students in Swinburne and we get our student ID on spot. Only catch - arnd 1 min of waiting for the machine to print.

choulyin.tan said...

i don mind waiting..if i hav to wait half an hour even, for our id to be ready, i don mind..its her attitude i have a problem with..cis..tak guna punya perempuan..