Sunday, August 27, 2006

my ID

After waiting for 3 weeks, i have finally got my student ID...

and I am NOT happy. Let me tell you what's wrong..*can i help it if im a perfectionist?*

  1. the words are too close together. you can't even read it properly without straining your eyes.
  2. the picture is cut sengeted.
  3. the card is laminated too close to the bottom.
  4. there are air bubbles (which you cant see, cos its too fine. but if you see the up close and personal version, it is VERY CLEAR)
  5. the barcode at the back of the ID is cacated

look at the words(third line)...does it look like ACC 0506 to you?

It looks more like A000000000Gah.

and they made me wait three weeks for this miserable piece of laminated cardboard?!?

if it is a card, like the mykad or sth, maybe still acceptable. if its a piece of laminated cardboard, i hope its arranged properly and laminated by someone with more skill. BUT THIS?!? not to mention the verbal abuse i have to endure from a certain vanessa at the counter

Memalukan only. can you imagine the negative publicity it will generate from the public if they see this?

"eee...why swinburne student ID like this one? I thought so high tech, cos the name is Swinburne University of Technology, but the ID so no technology at all one.."

Say only wana compete with other more established uni's..renovate here and there..but if don't 'renovate' the admin, can survive ka?

the longer i study there, the lower my view of swinburne goes..if it continues on like this, i don't even know if i can look back and say "I graduated from Swinburne" proudly.

I're probably wondering, 'if i don't like it so much, why still study there?'

well, i didn't say i didn't like the lecturers, i said i didn't like the certain ADMIN staff who gives swinburne a bad name. and knowing me, i extrapolate. =D

did i mention that she is a sexist? she treats girls with disrespect, but coos and bats her eyelashes at any guy who would give her the time of day. even those studying foundation!!! sexist or not? you decide.


Anonymous said...

Laminated Stud ID?????????????? I didnt even know this thing still exists in colleges what moer to say universities..

choulyin.tan said...

I memalukan, rite?