Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I met my 'hubby' yesterday. He is a china-man, and his name is 'Liew Shuo'. He looks like my hubby!!!!! Unfortunately, being the 'shy' person I am, I didn't dare to go up to him and meet his aquaintance. Looks like i just have to see from afar.....*sigh* Make me so lovesick for my own hubby only...(who, by the way, is still at KK, Thanks to AH MA from umbrella corp...cis...)

Lilian says he has the same blur look as nic, but Ron, Wei Khee and Shariman said he doesn't look like nic at all...what can i say...girls are better at remembering features, so I'll have to agree with Lilian..hehe...

Lil asked me to just go up to him and talk to him...begin the conversation like this:
"Hello, you look just like my big brother!!" (which he obviously doesn't, cos i don't even HAVE a brother..)

I tried to take a pic of him, but it came out too small...but I will not stop trying..hehe...when i can get a big enough pic of him, I'll upload it and you can see for yourself...I kid you not. He DOES look like nic! He's tall, skinny, and with just the right touch of blurness to make him look endearing..too bad he kinda shy...hehe...but nic was like that as well when he first got to know me.. =)

I shall now refer to him as my china-man...hehe...

I miss my hubby...

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