Thursday, August 10, 2006

First week of school

And now, I have officially been to Swinburne for one whole week. Hehe…I’ve been to the requisite four lectures. Taking accounting degree course, for the first sem we have to take 4 courses, which are Quantitative analysis, Microeconomy, Marketing Concept, and Accounting for success. I love the lecturers for QA, and Acc. But I don’t like the leaturers for the remaining two..heh..especially marketing cpt. The lecturer’s name is…..*drumroll*………..Edith Lim. Perhaps other Swinburne students reading this will know who I’m talking about…for the other people who don’t know who she is, I can summarize it in three words. Cruel, cynical, and funny in a sadistic way. Ok…not actually cruel, but she IS cynical and sadistic. My mid year resolution? Study VERY VERY hard for marketing concept.

Our lecturer for accounting, gave us the scoresheet and how much we have to get to achieve HD, D, C, P, and N. HD is high distinction, and the marks are 100-85%. D is distinction, with marks between 84-75%, C is credit, with 74-65%, P is pass, with the marks 63-50%, and N is Not pass (Fail) with marks 49-1%. Another of my mid year resolutions, get all HD’s..hehe…if not, at least HD’s and D’s..*cross my fingers*

So lets just get an overview of the lectures. There are two ‘Christine’s’ in my class, and ironically, even though they’re not named Christine, they both have the same name! I shall not disclose their names, but I can tell you that it starts with the first letter of the alphabet. Much to my annoyance, there are three other students (Female students) in my class who would just not stop talking. Obviously, they’ve been at Swinburne for a while, maybe foundation or something. Anyway, when we received the notes for accounting, they made so many exclamations, like “oh! Study already”, “easy lah!”, “sure pass one lah!”, and the list goes on and on. Knowing me, I dislike people like this, and I can’t stand their superior attitude. It bordered on me almost shouting at them to keep quiet when Lilian suddenly burst out “Sssshhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” and they kept quiet. Hehe…*evil grin* I mean, I don’t feel sorry for them..hahahaha!!!!! I’m such a mean person. When the lecturer was talking, they were talking. I’m not saying that I’m not talking when the lecturer was talking, but when they talked, it was LOUD..even Ron, and Wei Khee, who were sitting two rows away, could hear them. What more can I say? Evidence enough? It’s like, they don’t even have any respect for the lecturer teaching in front!

So anyways, my assignments for the weekend.

  1. read marketing concept
  2. find acc textbooks
  3. read next part of QA
  4. go through my microeconomy slides

And for tomorrow, I shall go for the acc club meeting, then collect my student ID, and borrow the relevant books asap! Hehe…

I miss my hubby…


noisy nun keeps mum said...

My Yin's goin to b an accountant..FREE financial advisor! YaY!

choulyin.tan said...

next time if anything regarding financial stuff, u can come to me!
cheap cheap one...i will only charge you triple the amt!

Anonymous said...

Try to knw more about Miss Edith! She is not tat bad....and every1 have their own way of lecturing.