Sunday, August 06, 2006

Vent mode

I need to vent. This is going to be one entry filled with hate, malice, spite, nastiness, animosity, and viciousness. I HATE CITIBANK TELEMARKETERS!!!!!!!!! Especially those whose names start with ‘M’. As far as I know, there have only been three female telemarketers whose names start with M. They are Maggie, Mag, and Meliza. And so far, I have no ill will towards Maggie, so the only other two people left would be the ones I absolutely despise. Mind you, I don’t usually HATE people, I dislike them. So that shows how I feel about them deep in my heart. I can’t stand the sight of them; I can’t even stand hearing their names. You can be certain I will never name my daughter any of those two names. I know its prejudice, but I DON’T CARE!!

These two people only know how to flirt with other people’s husband, but don’t even know how to do their job. I hate people like this. They spend the day doing nothing at the office, and go crying to other people when the boss scolds them. They even have their own boyfriends, and yet they still want to go after what’s not theirs. I have always wondered how this kind of people can live with themselves, with nothing to do but snatch what belongs to other people. I don’t even think they have a conscience at all. And if, surprisingly, they do, it’s non-existent. Negligible.

Mag’s not working at ctb anymore, and I thank God everyday for that fact. But let’s hear a story, shall we? The moment she left ctb to join hsbc, she broke up with her bf of three years and got together with a guy working there. Now what does that tell you??? In my opinion, it tells me that she is bored with her bf of three years, and is looking for a change of scenery. The moment she found one willing enough to have her, she dumps her bf of three years, and starts a new relationship. With no qualms whatsoever about how it will reflect on her as a person, and how it will affect her loyal bf of three years. When she was at ctb, she set her sights on my hubby, and I thank God that he didn’t fall for her tricks.

Now let’s move on to Meliza. Like Mag, she also has a bf. So why can’t she keep her damn hands to herself?!?!!!! She keeps on hanging around my hubby, acting like a damned damsel in distress when everyone knows darn well that she’s not. Trying to act all pitiful, like a wounded puppy. Sheesh…what a bunch of ********* (^Note: number of asterisks’ does not denote the number of letters in that word.). If you can’t stand the pressure of working in ctb, then quit one is asking you to hang around. If you can’t take the heat, then beat it. And she smokes!!! Who can stand a girl who smokes? It makes you look cheap and slutty. And I mean it!!!

I realize that my opinions may not agree with others’, but what I’m writing is true, and the events did, in fact, take place. I’m writing these based on my point of view and if you don’t agree with me, keep it to yourself. I am through being considerate and nice in this matter. I am sick and tired of other people trying to take advantage of my sweet and kind and usually blur hubby, and I absolutely abhor bloodsuckers!!!!! If you think I’m being over the line here, wait till it happens to you. I am not cursing you, but you can’t really understand what one person is going through until you experience the same thing for yourselves.

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