Thursday, August 03, 2006

Swinburne student =)

As of 9 am today, i am officially a Swinburne student. After eating breakfast, i went to swinburne, where Ron was waiting and talked to fellow josephians..hehe...i met adengs' neighbour too! he's studying engineering.

Even before 9, there was already a line all the way out to the foyer..we had to line up fast in order to register..for bachelor of business, there was me, ron, lil, encik shariman, and ching yew. Saw Indah Dayana there too..she's in the student council.

after registering, we had to go into the auditorium, and fill out more forms...while waiting to hand in our forms, i got hiccups...darn hiccups...i was hiccuping so long, til in the end Encik Shariman went to the cafeteria to buy a bottle of water for sweet!! the water is rm1, and is manufactured by water genesis, especially for swinburne sarawak. talk about making profit everywhere..

when we handed in our forms, we saw other josephians registering..there was danny tan, adrian poh, and elder cullen.. =) we have one big st jo family right at swinburne! :-D

We went to the cafeteria, partly to relax and partly to check out the price. Surprisingly, the food and drinks were quite cheap. I had black pepper chicken rice which cost RM3. Lil had black pepper fish fillet rice, same price, and Ron and encik both had chix mushroom noodles and black pepper noodles reapectively. Both noodles cost RM 2.50. There were so many choices of food, it's hard to pick on. and the good thing is, it's cheap! so that would be less strain on my food budget.

Speaking of budget, i found out about the leadership scholarship, so i'm trying to apply for it, and if i do get it, i can have a rebate of RM 4000! so i can help my parents save the extra 4000..all i have to do is hand in proof of my leadership, complete with certified certs, and a letter of recommendation from the principal. then it will go thru a committee, and if they deem me good enough, they will award me the 4000..keep my fingers crossed...

I miss my hubby...

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