Friday, August 04, 2006

Swinburne Community

I have counted the number of st jo students in swinburne, and there are more than 10 st jo students in swimburne! wow..i can't imagine so many josephians going to swinburne..

Today was our orientation. Ron picked me up at 8 am, when he told me he would pick me at 750..i thought he forgot me le...but we managed to reach swinburne in usual, there were so many people there..we played so many fun games..but there was a game that i thought was not appropriate. We had to make hats out of newspaper, and roll some up to make as a weapon. We were divided into groups and the rule of the game was to knock off the hats of our opponents. The Swinburne Sarawak Student Council (SSSC) added this rule, saying that guys cannot hit girls. But when the game started, there was chaos everywhere and even the SSSC couldn't make out who was hiting who. I have to admit, i was hit pretty hard on the head by this boy. I hate this game. SO VIOLENT!! In my group, they wanted me to be the group leader, but i in the end they picked Elder instead. cis..should have agreed to be GL. He don't even know how to lead!!! It's still a wonder how he can get elected to be head boy..

There was also some presentations done by some clubs in swinburne, in the hope to recruit new members...I have signed up for Rotaract, Dancesport, Accounting and Finance, and Japanese club. Darren Sim says that in one more month, there will be a membership recruitment for the SSSC and i have high hopes of joining it. You think maybe that's too much? Hmmm....i joined Dancesport mainly because i love to dance, and will also give me a form of exercise (only God knows i have been VERY laid back on that certain area of my life..). hehe...

The swinburne hunt was the funnest (is there such a word?). we had to answer so many questions, and get signatures from some SSSC people, but all that added to the funnest of it. Stupid good-for-nothing GL bailed on us at the last minute..don't even know where he went. So, i stepped up to be the GL. We worked our butts off to get all the answers correct, and eventually, we won!!! but HE went up to take the prize..ish..tak tahu malu. dahlah, bail on us in the last minute, now want to get the credit, AFTER I DID ALL THE HARD WORK!!!! I paling benci this kind of people. BLOODY PARASITE!!! they think they can ask all the other people to do the work for them, and they can get the name. they think they're so smart. but in the end, they are the ones who will rugi, because they will never get the maturity that comes with the experience. They will be stuck. They will not advance, they will not grow, they will always act like fools. And no one will appreciate them. ok, i shall get rid of all this angst. breathe in.....breathe out...i'm calm..heh...and pigs will fly..

Tomorrow there will be three important events.
  1. Registration of tutorials. We shall go at 8am, eventhough the reg will only start at 9am. barely three days, and the kiasu-ness is kicking in. we have to get the same we can group study as well!!! =p
  2. Lasallian Society St Jo AGM!!!!!! unfortunately, also starts at 9am, but i have informed pn stella oredi, so we shall try our very best to go as early as we can..
  3. At night, i shall go to the Kch fest with my family...

I miss my hubby....

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