Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tutorial registration

Today is our tutorial registration. So packed!!! We had to berebut with all the other Swinburne students, those from the business side, engineering side, and language side etc.. I was squeezed in on all sides, with Lilian to my left, Ron to my south-west, and other people I don’t know all around me. If you were to push me, I don’t think I would even have moved, much less fall down. It’s a jungle out there!!!! @_@ when the doors finally opened for us to start to register, I rushed in, but stopped at the centre of the room..There were so many tables, and I didn’t know where to go to register for my tutorials…and so, like the blind leading the blind, I led Lil to one table and looked at the class name..Global law or sth like tat…wrong table…-_-“

I finally found the accounting for success table, and it was FULL. I can’t even get in…I had to squeeze and push and glare at people. I got to the table, and found the tute I was looking for and hurriedly wrote down my name…Same thing happened to the other 3 tutes…until in the end, I was satisfied with myself, and happy because I got all the times in my master plan, and also because all my frens are in the same tute! Except Encik Shariman and Edith, they couldn’t get to the acc table in time, by the time they reached, the tute A class is full already so they had to register for tute B.

When we finished, Ron and I rushed to school to attend the LaSalle Society AGM. In time! Hehe…we arrived at 930 am, just in time for the elections. The new office bearers for 2006/2007 are as follows:

Advisors : Brendan Lo
Julian Tang
Laura Su
President : Vanessa Michelle
V. President : Jason Chang
Secretary : Adin Jen
Treasurer : Dylan Poh
PRO : Janet Ho
Sean Chang
C.M. : Lovena Tay
Anastasia Tan
Stefan Lim
Abdul Rahim
Ahmad Junaidi

After the meeting, my sis, Bren Chin & Lo, Julian, Ron, Edward, and I went to Jade Pot for lunch!!! Hehe…ate ma lak noodles and blueberry milk tea.

When I got home, my sis and I washed and polished my mom’s was very hard work. I was so exhausted, I fell asleep on the living room floor..and for me to fall asleep there, I need to be VERY tired. I never knew polishing a car can take up so much of your energy. I have new respect for my neighbour who polishes his car every Sunday without fail. *salute*

I went top Kch Fest tonight!!! Had to wait for almost 30 minutes to get a table..when the family of the table we were waiting for finally got up, we had to fight with some ah bengs for it. I glowered and they guy let go of the chair. Suffice to say that I wasn’t in a very accommodating mood just now. When I sat down, I heard his fren reprimand him, and he tried to defend his actions. And his fren promptly cursed and did whatever it is ah bengs do to show their displeasure. I was so tempted to face him and give him a piece of my mind. But I didn’t, since when they’re acting so childish, I doubt they would understand a word I’m saying, what with them having an IQ of probably less than 50…

All in all, today was ok...except for the registration though. I have a suggestion, instead of putting all the registration for the courses in one place, why don't we divide it up, course by course, and separate the year 1, 2, and 3 students. Then it wouldn't be so packed and hot and crowded and asphyxiating.

I miss my hubby....he called me today, and he said that he most probably will be back my 16 September!!! that's one month away!!! hope the slave driver of a boss keeps her promise.

I miss my hubby...

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