Monday, September 18, 2006

blog problem

Sometimes I get really sien with blogger...cis...I always try to upload some pictures, but most of the time can only upload 5 at the there some unwritten rule about uploading more than 5 pics that I don't know about???? I just get so fed up!!! What can I do to upload more pics?!?

Summor I really stress these past few days...I have accounting test on Thursday, microeconomics test on Friday, and have to hand up QA assignment on Friday afternoon..but luckily our QA lecturer took pity on us and decided that we can hand up our assignments next Monday...God bless the kind heart of Madam Seibu *kow tow* =)

Since I'm here, I want to pose a question to the guys reading this (and girls also, if you deem it necessary to reply or share your opinion)...Note: This is a rethorical question. I just want to know your views..If you DO reply, please reply honestly.

Q - Suppose you like this girl. Naturally, you would do anything within your reach to get her, yea? Like buy her stuff, or call her, or whatever you guys do to get girls lar..okie? Then, let's say that after much hard work and investment (on time, money, petrol..etc..), you get the girl you so desire..Initially, you would still go on in life lovey dovey with your newly 'acquired' gf, yea? Then over time, as you carry on the normal niceties in life and get more settled into your stable relationship with your gf, would you still treat her the same? Or would you sort of like, take her for granted? Like, since you guys have already reached that level of stability with your gf, you already know that she really loves you, wouldn't cheat on you, etc.., would you go on in your work and stuff and focus less on the relationship?

I asked two of my friends, and both of them said yes, they would. When questioned further, one of them explained that when they are more settled in the relationship, they tend to focus less on the's like something that's just.....there. Most of the guys don't realise that they actually have to WORK TO MAINTAIN that relationship..guys are like that by nature...hmmm...I'm still wondering..

What do you think?????

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