Monday, September 11, 2006

Malaysian Law

Do you know...

That the new Malaysian Government recently passed a ruling that from this moment on, you are not supposed to name your offspring any name that brings other, fruits, months of the year, colour, crystals, so on and so forth.
Which basically translates that you can't name your offspring Amber, Apple, June, Crystal, etc..
This is meant to decrease the level of misunderstanding when telling the imbeciles who put your name on the birth cert.
Which means to translate that, malays are also not allowed to give names that have other meanings, like Abu (Ash), Bakar (Burn), Hadiah (Present), Selamat (Safe), Ayu (Beautiful), etc..

so what does this mean????? at the expense of 'punishing' us with all our unique names, they are indirectly killing their names database. I don't mean to annoy all the malays out there, i'm just talking about a small minority that make up our government. sorry if your annoyed. and if you're STILL annoyed after my apology, whatever makes you happy. I'm just stating what I feel.

PM's son-in-law wants to have the rotation concept with regards to Penang's CM. He want Kho Tsu Khoon to step down, and let malays rule. His reason is because in Penang, the Malays are being discriminated. with all the jobs going to Chinese, and Malays with no jobs. If you want to talk about that, lets look at the universities in Semenanjung...They are all racial!!!! what do you have to say to that???

In the end, Najib(Vice PM) said, NO ROTATION!!! Kho Tsu Khoon is the CM, and that's that. I like him =)

p/s: My hubby's coming back in 5 days!!!!! I'm so excited!!! I can finally see him...

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Melissa said...

Ha ha. People who live in Malaysia will be so ko lien when it comes to giving name. Ha ha.