Monday, September 11, 2006

my new hair

I became a hair model....for Alan Salon...I got dragged by Arlyne..hehe...and the hair cut is for free.

But I. DO. NOT. LIKE. IT. It made me look like some idiot who just dropped off from Mars or mom apparently wasn't too happy her words: "ka na kau ka ane.." that's in hokkien. Translated, it means, 'macam digigit anjing'..cis..and that was on Friday. today is Monday, and she's still saying the same thing..she will never let me live it down..*sigh*

I mean...its ok la..from the front. Not the back. The back looked like I have two tails, and it;s cut the person who cut dono how to use ruler...I'm thinking of going to try to salvage it this afternoon..ask my hairdresser to see what she can do...and my Leadership Award ceremony is this month!!! Imagine going up to the podium with one big glop of something undistinguishable-but-is-supposed-to-be-your-hair on your head..

Ron and Shariman says it's ok..Kyra and Yin Chiak loved it, Edith asked me to tie it up, Lilian asked me to try to salvage it, and Wei Khee preferred my previous hairstyle...who should I believe?

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