Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Sometimes I just wonder why people like to butt into somebody else's relationship. Can you imagine some stupid ***** told my hubby that I was cheating on him???? I don't even care what she does with that loser, for what she care what I do with my hubby?

She told him that she saw me with another guy, but she can't entirely be sure whether it was me or not. WTH??!!!?! If you're not sure, for what you wanna tell people stuff that is not true? She practically accused me of doing something wrong!!!!

Luckily I have such a great hubby that believes and trusts me. I mean, I was so busy these past few weeks with assignments and tests...how can I afford to go out and have fun?!?!?! The trips I take are only to school and back...slaving over the major assignment, just patching things up with my hubby, and now this!?!?!?!!!!

Some people just don't know how to mind their own business. Some more, she doesn't even know me that well!!!!!

She must be jealous over the great relationship we're having, and want to break us up. She did it once before with Julian, who's to say she won't want to do it again?!? CIS...

Some people just don't have a life.

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Melissa said...

Ha ha. I face that kind of problem too. But it is like they comment about how i should do and what i should do in my relationship.