Saturday, November 11, 2006


Last Thursday during marketing concept lecture, we had to bring a magazine, and pick out an advertisement and talk about its advertising objectives, which are to inform, remind, and persuade. Miss Lim asked us to bring the mag, but not to pick out an advert. So, being her old self with the attitude, she just asked us to open up our mag to our advert. But cos she didn’t tell us to pickan advert beforehand, our group was not she decided to punish us, by asking us to do a Whisper pad advertorial.

But before that, she wanted to look for the ad, but couldn’t find it in any of our magazines. So she was wondering to herself, why “Female” doesn’t have any ad like this? That was when Tokyo Drift spoke up, in her nasal voice, ‘teacher, we have what you’re looking for’ and proceeded to give the ad to her. Cis..don’t know how to mind her own business, always like to jaga tepi kain orang.

So, I proceeded to present the ad, albeit some laughs from the class. Even though Miss Lim pointed out a few mistakes I made, I thought I did a pretty good job. Hah! In your face TD!!!

When we finished our tute, I kept the magazine, knowing full well that it belonged to TD’s group. If they really wanted their mag back, they will come ask it from me. But, she didn’t. She asked it from Ron instead. Talk about cowardice. Want to embarrass people, then in the end don’t dare to face people to take back her mag. I told Ron, that if she really wanted her mag back, she has to come get it from me herself. Then Ron rasa serba salah.. *sorry ron*

When we reached the lobby, I saw her group leader, then I thought… okla, don be so bad la..return the mag lar’..So I walked up to the group leader and returned the mag to him…then I had a talk with him and his other group members. TD wasn’t there..damn!

Anyways, I told him how it wasn’t right for his group to do what they did to our group. We didn’t do anything wrong towards his group, why should they be so ‘chau leng geng’ and try to kena-kan us? I mean, if he was in our shoes, and I was in his, I wouldn’t be so bad hearted to show the ad to Miss Lim eventhough our group had the ad. People are not born to be so mean and try to embarrass other people for the fun of it.

He told me that his group didn’t mean it that way, that actually, they wanted to do the ad for themselves. Miss Lim just took it and gave it to us. I gave the allowance that MAYBE they really didn’t mean it that way. But couldn’t they just wait til Miss Lim went to their table, then show her the ad? Why so kan-cheong? If they waited til Miss Lim went to their table, then tolf her about the ad, and Miss Lim STILL wanted us to do it, then I have no say in it. But that wasn’t the case.

People, no matter how bad they are, or how mean, or how stupid, they do not deserve to be embarrassed. That was what I told him. Not those exact words, but words to that effect. He apologized, and I was somewhat mollified (knowing that it really wasn’t his fault. After all, I have been in the same tuition with him in the past [SPM] and I know that he’s the quiet type, not really into trying to kena-kan other people), so I accepted his apology. I wasn’t so forgiving about TD though..Lil says she has the ‘tek lang lo’’s in hokkien, so if you don’t understand, ask those that know hokkien to translate it for you, okie? =)

Okie…enough story-telling for one day..hehe..tata!

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