Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Prefects Camp 2006

Last Saturday was the St Jo prefects camp, organized by the new board…and I went and helped out! Actually, Ron and Lilian were supposed to come as well, but Ron had promised to help Wei Khee for his QA assignment, and Lil had no transportation..
Saw Van Michelle, Bren Lo, and Edmund Lo all covered in mud..hehe…

So anyways, I found out something great!!! But I can’t blog about it yet, cos it’s still hush hush..hehe..when it’s announced, I’ll tell the whole world!!!

But…moving on to the camp..on Sat night, Lil and I went to the bbq night at the sepak takraw court. Many other ex Josephian prefects went as well..including Alcos (ex-head boy/asst head I 2002/2003) hope I got the year right..hehe..I had so many helpings of chicken wing, I had to exercise for so long just to burn off the fat.. -_-"

Thanks to Laura’s mom for supplying the recipe, and thanks also to Wui Teng and Julian for doing the marinating!!

I had fun that night, except for one isolated incident when Lil and I went to wash our hands after consuming the chicken..

After we washed our hands, we were walking back to the sepak takraw court, when we saw Ed and a few of the prefects cutting up some fruits…with some difficulty. Having have some experience with fruit cutting, since I’m always the one cutting fruits for consumption in my household, I tried to help by explaining to them another easier way to cut up a particular fruit. There was this girl and guy that looked at me one kind when I was explaining, and after I finished my explanation, the guy promptly said “I know” and gave me THE LOOK.


If you know already, then why you still doing it the harder way? Want to show to people that you so hardworking isit? That even though you macho you can still be domestic? Whatever. People want to help you, extend a helping hand to you, and you show your gratitude by acting that way?

So perhaps I WAS a busy body, trying to help where I’m not needed. But was it really necessary to act that way? You can say “I know” in a more polite manner. Remember, I might not be in school anymore, but I’m still your senior (as in, older than you), and aren’t we all raised to respect our seniors even though we don’t like them? I’m not asking for total reverence whenever I go to school. I’m not asking for you to absolutely kiss the ground I walk on. I am asking for respect. And that kind of attitude coming from a prefect. Talk about being the cream of the crop of the school, but still acting in that manner... *sigh*

So maybe when I tried to help, to you, I wasn’t respecting the way you do things. And for that, I am sorry. In the event of trying to do a good deed, it turned out that I wasn’t even helping.

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