Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Girls night out

On Tuesday night, one day after Xmas, I went out with my U6C buddies, Arlyne, Adengs, and Judith to Scoops, the gelato bar…we tried almost every flavour of ice cream there was, before we finally decided on getting a triple scoop cup, with blueberry ice cream, pink guava sorbet, and rum raisin ice cream, and Jud ordered an expresso ice cream..Lyne and Adengs tasted the rum raisin, and promptly oohed and aahed over it…they were practically fighting over whose turn it was to scoop it up!! Personally, I didn’t think it was that nice…maybe because I don’t really like the taste of liquor…hrm…or, I haven’t developed a penchant for it yet…YET…hehe

Anyways, the d├ęcor there was very nice, complete with plush pillows,

A cool mirror,

And even a pink Xmas tree!!

After our initial ice cream treat, the three of them decided to get a mudslide (something with baileys), and I got a tiramisu parfait…

But when the tiramisu came, it was in a cup, and wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be


but all the drinks came in very nice packaging, and we couldn’t resist taking pics of them..

What else??? Hrm…nothing else I guess…oh ya, and we took the opportunity to pose for the camera…hehe…we even asked the worker there to help us take a group pic =)

As usual, photos on my multiply ya...stupid photobucket cannot open...

Multiply Scoops photos here --> Scoops night out

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