Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!!!!!!

Incidentally, today is Jo-jee's Birthday, so...


one of the first few to get their golden key this year, eh? hehe...still waiting waiting to get mine as well...although have to wait a few more months...hrm....
LKC's birthday is tomorrow, and I'm meeting him for breakfast!!! Yay!!

okie.........over hyperactive-ness...*takes a deep breath*

so what else is new? my new year resolutions...
  1. Study smart
  2. lose weight
  3. work RAJIN-ly
  4. save money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's it. Don't want to set too many, or else I'll lose track of them and end up not achieving any of it....and at the end of 2007, I'll have to long piak for being to negligent in keeping my resolutions.. *hee*


oh, right...did I tell you all that I have a job?!? hehe...yeap, a job at De' Grill...the one at Sarawak Plaza...but not a full time job, cos I need to devote time for studies as well...I'm doing part time, and only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays....doing the afternoon shift, from 4 till closing at 12 am...
so, come look for me if you guys have time yea? hehe...but sad to say, I'm not so senior as to give you guys a discount... *paiseh face*

Well, that's all I guess...cheerios mate!

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