Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Xmas pictures!!!

Finally, I managed to upload the pics to blogger....the net connection at swin is better, so I took advantage of that *grin*
Anyways, enjoy!!
Lil, Calista, and me with our presents from Ron

Our cache of presents arranged at tao

Ron's pressie from Calista

oink oink cheep cheep baa baa

me, Viveon, and Lil when we just arrived

Milton, Dean and shy Eddie =)

Me and Lil with our plushies!!

Oink and Mr. Oinkers

with our little (ahem) soft toys

Ron, Bren and Cals, with the shirt we gave Jason

Our little 'babies'

the miniature dolphin given to me by my moo moo members

Prize giving ceremony: the best baa baa of the year

me and Lil

Cal and Ron with the little hamtaro's

Form5 group pic

Viveon, Bren, Cal, Me, Ed, and Ron

Jason's cousins: Nadia, Stephanie, and Marcus

Bren and Jason with their T-shirts

baa baa white sheep

Cal and Bren

three ladies of the moo moo gang!!

Before we gave her the little hamsters

Jason's cool Converse Limited Edition shoes

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