Thursday, January 04, 2007

Scoops and friendship park pictures

As promised, here are the pictures of the scoops girls night out on Boxing Day...I have also inserted some of the pics from the friendship park on Jud and Edith's birthday...
*many sincerest apologies to all of you for having to wait so long for this*
*kow tow*

The great Admiral Zheng He (Laksamana Cheng Ho)

The field and relfexology path leading to the oriental hut

Me, Lyne, Edith and Judith. As usual, Adengs would rather take the pic

With our Sarawak plaque, the 'land of the hornbills' (Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang)

This one was with Adengs

When the sun shone brightly in the sky

Magnificent view of the lake. hope they will continue to maintain it that way *fingers crossed*

Arlyne =)

Look at those pretty flowers..

The grand archway

Group photo

The following pictures are from Scoops

Me and Lyne

Judith (when she wasn't looking)

Managed to get the cam from Adengs, and took this! Lyne, Jud, and Adengs

Me, Lyne, and Judith...Adengs die die want to take picture.. -_-"

Me and Judith beside the Xmas tree

Mouthwatering pictures designed to lure you to eat in Scoops, but don't really look that way when you order them..

The sofa set with silver and glossy brown seat cushions

Three mudslides and a tiramisu parfait..btw, what does parfait mean? I'm guessing it's French, right?
Pink Xmas tree, one of a kind
Try to make out the words

Group photo at the end of the day...

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