Monday, January 08, 2007


As of last night I am no longer working at Grill...

O_o work skills are lar...actually, suffice to say that the working environment there is terrible, and that I was accused of doing something I didn't do. It's like putting a goat into a cage full of wolves. They'll eat you alive. So I decided to leave than stay there, eventhough the pay is quite good. Seriously, I would rather work for a lower pay in a more conducive work environment than slave it off for people who overwork you and treat you like s***.

I resigned on the spot, and went out with ehon (my little bro) instead...we went to bing! for a drink and chat, and there were so many kenalans there!! Met Robin, Ben, Sharon Ng and her sister. Also met Sharon's friend, Melvin, who incidentally, also studies at Swinburne! small world..turns out that ehon knows Robin too!! So it's either Robin knows alot of people, or ehon knows alot of people..but I'm guessing they BOTH know alot of people!! =)

When I was at bing!, ehon and I caught up on the past, and the present. We reminisced about old days, and how it was back then when we were still in RC (Red Crescent ya, not Roman Catholic). It IS sad how deplorable the situation has become, with the leaders not being treated like leaders, i.e. without respect. When we were still in school, we wouldn't dare call our leaders by their names, we would call him/her, sir/madam during camps. Not because we're afraid of them but because we respect them. Ehon says that there will be a leadership course for the RC members next Friday and Saturday..organized by, yours truly =)

When I was talking to him, I realized how much he has changed. If he was a great guy then, he's an even better person now. It's really true how when you finally study abroad (or go uni), your eyes are opened a little wider and you mature a little more.

If there's one thing I have learnt from growing up, it's this.

Always make the most of your life. Never tolerate things. If you feel that you're being used, then stand up for yourself, and fight for what you believe is right. If all else fails, remember that you have your family and band of loyal friends to fall back upon.

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