Wednesday, February 21, 2007

birthday pictures

All the antics from that night, there was a quarrel, cake cutting, and even STEALING!!!

First, Lilian scolded ehon…

And scolded some more….
But in the end, ehon balas balik

The group at bing

That night, I was presented with a cake Sharon and ehon bought specially for me

After all the songs and wishes, I blew out the candle and cut the cake

Sharon loved my presents so much, she decided to steal them! @_@

First the cow…

…Then the card

My Bachelor of Business buddies

Swinburne students =)

The form 5 prefects, Jason, Sean, and Brendan

Me and my little bro

Me, lil and ehon

Me and lil

The moo moo gang seniors!!

me and ron with my little moo

The ladies of the night, Sharon, me, Ge, and Lil

Two by two wit Ge

Nai Lin dropped by =)

My friend all the way from Aus, Sharon Ng

The presents I received from my friends

Sharon and I going through the card Ron and Lil made especially for me

The birthday cake my sis got for me

Presents from my family

From my sisters, my beloved BUM purse ^_^

And finally, my golden key. =)

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