Friday, February 16, 2007

My very sweet 21

7 February 2007, one of the best birthdays of my life.. I woke up feeling happy!! Hehe…I have finally gotten my golden key ^_^ I spent the better part of the day cleaning out my bookshelf, keeping and discarding books =) that night, I went to Ah Tou Seafood (somewhere near the BDC RH Plaza) for dinner with my family (the butter squids there are DELICIOUS!). After that, my family dropped me off at Bing! for my little gathering with my mates of various walks of life J I received so many presents, the most meaningful one would be……everything! Hehe..Ehon and Sharon even bought one slice of American Chocolate Cake for me with candles and everything..
I would like to thank all of my friends for being there for me when I truly needed you guys. All of those who were at Bing!, thanks so much for making my birthday so very memorable. I have not had such a fun time in such a long time..for those who couldn’t make it, no worries! I don’t begrudge you; it’s the thought that counts!!

After Bing!, I went home, and another cake awaited me! This time, it was a Chocolate Mousse Cake from Taka. My sis purposely went to get it; she even went to three bakeries to get the best one! Love her so much! That night, I finally got my golden key..and what made it all the more memorable was the fact that the key once belonged to my mom! It’s a little key, with the numbers 21 on it. So beautiful!

Now I have two goals to work towards: my Sony Ericsson W810i, and a golden chain for my key ^_^ my sisters both shared to get me a BUM Euipment purse. I love it so much!!!! Hehe…

I would like to thank:

My family: Dad, Mom, Yee, Yew, Alex, and Ehon

My Uni mates: Ron (oink oink), Lilian (baa baa), Wei Khee, Ching Yiew, Shariman, Aaron, Miss Q, and Edith

My school mates (St Joe and St Tre): Ge, Lyne, Pris, Edward, Jason, Brendan, Sean, Ivor, Dino, Nai Lin, Sharon, Jackson,

My La sallian mates: Shaun Lee, Chum Chun Lok

My boogie crew: Mr. J, Asmah, Kak Juana, Siti, Ahim, Boy, Roy, Kevin, Amir, and Tabitha

My Synchro buddies: Melissa Hui, Vic John,

What else to say? Once again, thanks so much to everyone who have contributed, one way or another towards making me an extremely happy person on 7 February 2007 =)

No pictures as yet, cos pictures still in my cam, but will upload as soon as i can!!

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