Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FIS tute

Miss Wendy is not here for this week, so Mr Chan has replaced her for our tutes. I have to say, I was relieved, cos I know Mr Chan is a great teacher! =D

Since he didn't elaborate on which tute he'll be teaching, I found myself saying to Ron that I hope that he'll ba teaching our tute. And he came!! Even Clement started laughing at me. But I don't mind, cos I'm happy....

But after a while,, it can get a little boring lar......


He taught us like we were kids, learning 1,2,3 litat...But in essence, what he taught is actually quite easy to absorb, because he uses alot of examples, and explanations so we can get the drift.

I thing in the whole swinburne, up til now, he still remains as one of my favourite teachers =)

BTW, he asked me and ron to help tutor Accounting for success!!!!

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