Thursday, March 29, 2007

March 29th 2007

I have just read something that has totally made my day. Not even a whole load of assignments and hard FIS questions could make me weep. hehe......those close to me would know what I mean =) if not, go here.

So anyways, before I go further, I would just like to say:

HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY TO ALEX KUEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are now a quarter of a century old =) hehe.......

So, we had out FIS lecture today, and Mr Chan was talking about Internal Control Systems when the electricity went out. Its been happening quite a lot lately. Wonder what's going on with the wiring? Is it becuase of the elevators? No, I guess not. cos it's been broken for three months already.... -_-"

so then ron, sha and i took the opportunity to play a the currencies of the world:
and i came up with Euro, Peso, Brunei Dollar, US dollar, Aus Dollar, Singapore Dollar.......

yeap, I dono any other curerencies besides the ones that have the word DOLLAR in it... *sigh*
that just shows how ignorant i am.....

But anyways, I just saw yesterday on Lilian's blog that I was featured in it...while I was sleeping!!!! O_o"

Aiyoyo....Lilian eng...but hehe, can't help not sleeping, cos Law was so BORING!!!!!
Yea, I admit I do look pretty fat here.....**sighs**

But, I have also done some editing of my own!!!!! But must wait a while cos I'm still putting some finishing touches.

Be patient ya =)

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