Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Haha....another post with pictures...this time about nothing in particular...

This is my Cousin!!! cousin's name =) He was the one that helped us secure an interview with Kuching Specialist Hospital for our assignment

This was taken at Cititel, way back when I was still kinda slim and didn't have much fat on my face O_o

Our finished product! BIS assignment, my semester masterpiece! hehe...

Swim lane diagram. This done by Lilian. So professional looking =)

IVC, Internal Value Chain. I did this.....feel so proud of myself

This is a pic of me during the worlds Debating Championship at SUTS. Lodge got first place, with GRSS coming in 2nd. I don't know who got third i look good in these specs? They belong to Edward, by the way..My sis say I look nerdy... -_-"

Three of us becoming pengemis at the level 6 corridor. We got kicked out of our classrooms because there are students inside, so we cannot eat inside...

Yea...haha...even Wei Khee also wana give us duit sedekah...

Lil and me acting cute....bleks =)

*All BIS assignment pictures are courtesy of Kyra. Thanks Kyra!!!

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